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§ January 22, 2013 – 5.70 –

This version has replaced the Clients tab with a Clients menu. You can click the front-panel Client display to cycle through all supported clients. A major feature of this release is its ability to automatically detect the chat client sending it information and change to that client by itself.

This version supports LeafChat. The mIRC, Vortec and XiRCON clients all have new scripts that can tell YahCoLoRiZe which room or private-chat to post its data to when you type "/cx my text to display in room." If you use XiRCON, you need the new TCL script file here. The Vortec script is here. The mIRC script is posted on the main web-page here.

§ December 18, 2014 – 5.69 –

Released the LeafChat Java Plugin here. My Java plugin's source-code is here.

(But it won't work until I release 5.70 of YahCoLoRiZe :-()

§ January 17, 2013 – 5.69 –

This version fixed a bug when using mIRC or Vortec - garbled text when using the remote /CX alias. Changed all /EX and /CHAN commands to /CX and /CCHAN. All YahCoLoRiZe remote commands should begin with C... Use /CHELP to get a list of commands in IceChat, LeafChat and HydraIRC.

(Soon to come: Plugin for Java's LeafChat IRC client! Release 5.69 of YahCoLoRiZe supports the new plugin.)

§ December 20, 2013 – 5.68 –

More work on HTML import/export... Updated the two demos on the main page.

§ December 17, 2013 – 5.67 (12:33PM) –

Wrote an HTML to IRC converter. We could already export HTML and copy paste into HTML e-mail clients but now YahCoLoRiZe can import HTML as a file or via copy/paste from a browser. It works fairly well with Google Chrome but I have not tried any other browsers as yet. In File Open and Save As you can select a .htm option and my HTML converters will be invoked.

§ December 12, 2013 – 5.65 –

Support for HydraIRC has been added. You need a special distribution available here. The YahCoLoRiZe plugin installs automatically with this version of HydraIRC. My C++ ATL plugin's source-code is here.

§ December 7, 2013 – 5.64 –

Adding support for HydraIRC and here is a new release of the IceChat Plug-in. Get IceChat at IceChat. My C# plugin's source-code is here.

§ November 10, 2013 – 5.63 –

When I began using msftedit.dll (which is wide-character unicode-based), unbeknownst to me text-find stopped working. So I modified TaeRichEdit (yet again!) to handle wchar_t in text searches.

§ November 9, 2013 – 5.62 –

Wrote a C# plug-in for the IceChat IRC client. Download it here.

§ November 1, 2013 – 5.61 –

Added Vortec IRC client support (a similar client to pIRCh). Their domain is for sale so I am going to post the only version I could find here on my site...

§ October 14, 2013 – 5.60 –

Found a buffer allocation bug manifesting itself when playing text to an IRC chat client. You would get the message "Cannot save text to file: Colorize.tmp". What was happening had nothing to do with saving to a file... it was an exception being thrown when attempting to delete a text-buffer mis-allocated while applying the "Pad Spaces" algorithm in Utils.cpp. Fixed.

§ September 25, 2013 – 5.59 –

When you clicked "Process SwiftMiX Song Title" in the right-click pop-up menu it was returning an "Unable To Process" error message. Recent changes to the MoveMainTextToBuffer() routine were blocking raw text in the edit control from being processed. Fixed.

§ September 25, 2013 – 5.58 –

I added a new edit-field to the "Export As Web-Page" dialog. It controls the HTML Style-Sheet property "line-height:". The default setting works in MS Word, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome for a 10pt font-size. For my Windows Live Mail client I have to set it to 120 to eliminate thin bars between text-lines when I paste from YahCoLoRiZe.

§ September 24, 2013 – 5.57 –

I took out the E-Mail HTML clipboard warning for over 30000 characters - it seems that there really are no limits on E-Mail size any more.

The old sc.txt file has been replaced by a file called colorize.ini. You can customize the SwiftMiX song-title display format in the [SwiftMiX] section of this new file.

Info about the smileys is now kept in the file smileys.txt. If you have customized the smileys in the old sc.txt file, copy paste it into smileys.txt. smileys.txt is overwritten any time you install YahCoLoRiZe so save it and then copy it back if you need to keep the old file for some reason.

§ September 23, 2013 – 5.56 –

Changed the web-page export feature to use the UTF-8 charset now. YahCoLoRiZe converts ANSI to UTF-8 for both the CF_HTML clipboard format when you check "Copy HTML To Clipboard" and when a full web-page is auto-generated. Copy HTML To Clipboard also copies an ANSI HTML version to the clipboard which is useful when pasting HTML snippets into a web-page via a plain-text editor such as Notepad.

§ September 22, 2013 – 5.55 –

Related to the work I reported yesterday, some of the characters you pasted into an E-Mail program or Microsoft Word were not showing properly. This was because the HTML clipboard format is in Unicode UTF8 format. So I had to add a function to my software that converts ASCII to UTF-8. Now it works fine except my Windows Live E-Mail program renders HTML that has background colors with a little line of white between each line pasted from my program. This is Microsoft's problem... or a quirk in the font they use. You can fix it by selecting the overall background color to blend in with what you paste-in.

In Microsoft Word the text pastes very nicely except part of a text-line in my ASCII-Art Demo (Help->Ascii Art Demo) does not render correctly, although YahCoLoRiZe has correctly formatted text on the clipboard as far as I can ascertain...

§ September 21, 2013 – 5.54 –

I noticed that I could not paste HTML properly from YahCoLoRiZe into an E-Mail. I wanted to be able to process text in YahCoLoRiZe, select File->Export As Web-Page, check the box marked "Copy HTML To Clipboard" then paste into a mail-program, Microsoft Word, Etc.

You could always paste the raw HTML into any document, say a web-page or notepad, but now I've arranged it so that pasting automatically occurs in one of two formats, CF_TEXT or CF_HTML. So now you can right-click and paste color-processed text from YahCoLoRiZe directly into your E-Mail!

§ September 17, 2013 – 5.53 –

I modified which wigets appear for the Play->Options dialog, depending on the chosen Client and features. For instance, the box that lets you choose a temporary file location only appears when you choose "Use File".

Some background on the Use File and Use DLL checkbox combinations:

If neither box is checked, YahCoLoRiZe uses internal communication and timing loops to play text to your chat-client except for XircON which silently uses Colorize.dll to communicate. mIRC and PircH use DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) to communicate whereas YahELite uses the WM_COPYDATA Windows message.

Use DLL never appears if YahELite is your client, but if you check "Use File", YahCoLoRiZe will write the color-processed text into a temporary file then send YahELite a /PLAYFILE message via WM_COPYDATA and tell it where the file is located.

If you check Use File with PircH or mIRC, and Use DLL is not checked, we write the text to a temporary file and send the client a DDE command to play it. XircON always uses the DLL together with a TCL script running on XircON to communicate, but when you select "Use File" we write the text to a temp file and command the DLL to play the text to XircON by itself, using a timer of its own.

In mIRC or PircH, when both Use Dll and Use File are checked, we write the chat text to a temporary file you can choose, then tell the DLL to play it with a particular time-interval between lines that you choose in the Play->Options dialog.

With mIRC and pIRCh, Use File unchecksd, but Use DLL checked, we use the timer in YahCoLoRiZe to send text to the DLL and then the DLL sends the text to the client via a set of four temporary files, writing a line of text to a file (designated as temporary so that it is accessed in RAM) and then telling the client to play the file.

All of this was originally designed to get around the infamous problem of mIRC, PircH and XircON stripping spaces out of text-lines, which ruins ASCII art. These clients stripped unused spaces when parsing text-lines for scripting-commands.

When you check "Pad Spaces", YahCoLoRiZe applies an algorithm to played text that makes the client appear to never strip out space characters. It does this by printing _ in place of the space and then setting its foreground and background colors the same so it is hidden when it prints in a chat-room unless the chat-server (or a particular user's chat-client) is stripping out color-codes for the room you are in...

§ September 15, 2013 – 5.52 –

Fixed a problem in Playback.cpp (which plays text to the chat-client). It was inadvertently stripping out trailing spaces from the last text line which we want to keep for ASCII art, Etc.

Fixed a little quirk when using mIRC. mIRC uses the | char to pipeline script-commands so if it's used in ASCII art (like in my demo) it won't print correctly (at least not with old versions of mIRC) so I detect the "space |" sequence and fix it by writing a color sequence... fairly nitpicky, but hey, I'm a perfectionist :-)

§ September 15, 2013 – 5.51 –

Bug caused an unhandled exception to be thrown in some situations if you chose "Restore Factory Settings" or answered "No" to "Save Old Settings?" upon re-installation then tried to access the Play->Options menu. The rooms-list index stored in the registry would go out of bounds, Fixed.

Worked on the installer files for PaquetBuilder to abort install if YahCoLoRiZe is running when you try to install it.

§ September 11, 2013 – 5.50 –

Much work on Colorize.dll. This dynamic-link-library had not been updated in a long time. When you clicked Play->Options and checked "Use DLL" with mIRC or pIRCh there were some "issues"... now resolved.

When you have "Use DLL" checked for mIRC/pIRCh, Colorize.dll creates four files in your temporary-files folder: mrc5290.tmp, mrc5291.tmp, mrc5292.tmp and mrc5293.tmp. These files are used like a buffer and are played remotely to mIRC by the DLL using the DDE (dynamic data exchange) /play command. By doing this, mIRC won't strip spaces from the text, so you get nicely-displayed ASCII-art to people in the chat-room. The downside is that mIRC prints a lot of annoying status-messages while it plays each line's file...

If you just check "Pad Spaces" in the Play->Options dialog, the main program will send text via mIRC's /msg command and replace spaces with the _ character, but using the same foreground/background colors (thus making it appear as a colored space). So with this, you don't really need to use the dll anymore unless you are using XiRCON. But - for what it's worth - it now WORKS!

If you have "Use File" checked along with "Use Dll", YahCoLoRiZe will create a file called "colorize.tmp" in your temp-files directory and then send it line-by-line to the chat client using its own timer, by the method described above.

Just checking "Use File" without "Use Dll" checked causes YahCoLoRiZe to write the processed color-text to a file in the temp-files directory and then issue a DDE request to mIRC or a WM_COPYDATA command to YahELite to play the file to the room using their own internal code.

§ September 9, 2013 – 5.49 –

Unused rooms-slots were NOT being removed from the registry! (I was using Registry->DeleteKey(Name) rather than Registry->DeleteValue(Room)). The undeleted slots were empty anyway so "no worries mate!". This version automatically makes all things copasetic.

§ September 9, 2013 – 5.48 –

The rooms list holds 20 rooms now and deletes the oldest when full. Click the "Delete" button to remove a room from the list, or press Shift and click Delete to delete the entire list. Type in a room and press Enter to add a room. Press Esc or click Cancel to abort any changes. Click Ok,or click a blank spot in the form to exit and save changes. Pressing Enter when the Rooms edit-box does not have focus also exits and saves changes. When you close YahCoLoRiZe the values you deleted are removed from the Windows registry. Click on the down-arrow to the right of the Rooms edot-box to select a new room to send text into.

§ September 9, 2013 – 5.47 –

I've made some cosmetic changes, making the dialogs all appear more uniform. Also, the Play->Options dialog has had the edit box for entering a temporary playback file appearing when "Use File" is not checked, the inverse of the expected behaviour, so that is finally fixed.

There was a bug that's been lurking there for a while... namely, the red stop-play button could get stuck on in some situations. Fixed.

I did a lot of work on the Play->Options dialog, completely re-working how the chat-room recent history is maintained. It uses a drop-down combo-box now. The Reset button to the right clears the entire 10-room history and it is erased from the registry when you close YahCoLoRiZe. FYI, the registry-keys that store YahCoLoRiZe info. are located at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Discrete-Time Systems\Colorizer

I am also packaging a new file in the distribution, settings.ini. It is not being used by the program at present, but contains a lot of internal information such as the Windows messages I register for cross-application communication and the format strings I send to the various chat-clients. The file I am using for setup is sc.txt, it contains a customizable format for displaying the song-titles that SwiftMiX is playing and all of the hooks to the Smileys.

§ September 6, 2013 – 5.46 –

    * Version 5.46 fixes issues with cut/pasting text in the Processed View.       
      When you select colored text and cut or copy it, YahCoLoRiZe has to          
      capture the leading text state and store that along with the text and        
      embedded codes to the Windows clipboard. This is designed to be in a         
      format that you can directly paste into your chat-client's texting           
      window, or you can paste it back into a YahCoLoRiZe document. When the       
      text is pasted, the program determines the state at the insert-point, and    
      the state at the start and end of the color text you plan to paste, then     
      algorithmically resolves the colors, state of bold, underline, italics       
      and font-size and where line-terminators are in both the text you are        
      pasting and the document you are pasting into. The program handles           
      Shift+Ins, Shift+Del, Backspace, Etc. Rather complex... I'd never have       
      started it if I had known what I was getting into! :-)                       
    * Added TAB! Yes, finally you can type TAB and YahCoLoRiZe will insert         
      spaces. Currently, the Left margin also serves as the number of spaces in    
      a TAB. Keep in mind that YahCoLoRiZe began as a text-rendering engine for    
      social networks not a text-editor, per se.                                   
    * I should mention the YahCoLoRiZe title-bar colors and the concept of         
      "full-spectrum random RGB" colors. By default, we use a 16-color color       
      palette that is the same as the IRC chat color-palette. You will notice      
      that the colors in the title-bar (where it says www.yahcolorize.com) will    
      change randomly as you operate or move the YahCoLoRiZe window. It does       
      this to create new combinations of foreground and background colors that     
      you may decide are eye-catching and want to apply. Click right on the web-   
      link and you set the colors on the main panel. You can also hold down the    
      Shift key and left-click the title-bar to "freeze" the colors.               
      To turn on full-spectrum random mode, Click the FG, BG or Wings color-       
      panel in the Process tab, select Random and answer Yes to "Use Full RGB      
      Spectrum?". To the lower right of the color-panel it will say "rgb" in       
      blue letters. Click on the blue "rgb" to turn the mode off.                  
      While in "rgb" random mode, the colors in the title-bar will randomly pick   
      one of 16777216 foreground colors and 16777216 background colors. This       
      only works when you select YahELite or Trinity in the Clients tab! This      
      "full spectrum" is also used in the color Effects such as Morph Colors,      
      Random Colors and Incriment Colors... very powerful!                         
    * You can once again select Tools->Font and click Bold and all of the text     
      will render Bold when you click Process. The one caveat is that you have     
      to be typing in a new document or using an old document with no embedded     
      Bold or where you used Tools->Strip and stripped all the old Bold codes.     

§ September 4, 2013 – 5.45 –

    In 5.45 I had to carefully think through existing logic which makes it    
    eaiser to do "processing of processed documents". In other words, when    
    you load or create a new document, typically you will press the           
    Process button to pack the text to a particular width, add a border or    
    wings and margins. But YahCoLoRiZe will let you change the background     
    color, turn off wings and press Process again to add a color border.      
    It does this by temporarily turning on the auto line-width mode in the    
    background for any processing you do after the first time.                
    Rules are as follows:                                                     
    1) The PreviouslyProcessed flag is turned on when you press Process.      
    2) The PreviouslyProcessed flag is tested when you press Process and      
    if it is set and the View Mode is IRC Codes or Processed, then auto-      
    line width is turned on during text processing. Otherwise auto-line       
    width reflects how it has been set in the Width Tab's checkbox.           
    3) The PreviouslyProcessed flag is cleared if you manually change the     
    line-width, height, or click the Pack Text, Auto (line-width) or Left     
    Justify checkboxes. It is also cleared if you cut/paste or edit the       
    text, when you add a text-effect or when you press the Show button        
    while in the Original View and when you start or load a new document.     
    It sounds simple now but took quite a lot of consideration and testing    
    (the same as hundreds of things have in YahCoLoRiZe!)                     
    Another realm of considerable thought application has been in the         
    arena of Push/Pop of text attributes and colors and what happens when     
    a line terminator is detected in the original text vs. having to          
    insert a space in the text in place of a line-terminator in order to      
    facillitate "PackText". We have to propogate colors from the end of       
    the current line into the spliced-in line.                                
    One thing to mention: If you select text and apply an effect in the       
    IRC Codes or the Original views and then press Process without having     
    Auto line-width on and width set less than the longest line in the        
    original document, every place that two lines have been fused together    
    in PackText mode there will be a space that has no effect applied.        
    This is normal and I've not thought of any rational way around it. But    
    after processing, simply select the spaces one-at-a-time and apply the    
    Set Colors effect :-)                                                     
    Note that *here you see I apply the effect AFTER processing, while in     
    the Processed View and there is no void space char because the            
    algorithm can deduce the appropriate colors!                              

§ September 2, 2013 – 5.44 –

1) Created new dialogs for the major Effect-groups and re-structured many of the major text-effects.
2) The most recently added effects can "morph" colors from one set of fg/bg colors to another or follow an algorithmically-generated color palette using offsets you enter via the dialog.
3) Added indicators next to the main color-panels to show when "full spectrum" RGB is activated. Full-spectrum RGB for randomly generated colors is turned on by clicking a color-panel, selecting "Random" and answering YES when asked if you want to use full-spectrum RGB.
4) There is a remote-effects mode. From an external chat-client you can invoke a text-effect by typing /ex <##> . ## is 0-18 for old-generation IRC clients and 0-28 for a client such as Trinity that supports my extended RGB protocol. Typing 0 will cause a random effect to be selected.
5) The recently added "Strip" tool had a bug when stripping Push/Pop (Protected text) formatting-codes. Essentially, it was detecting and applying the Push-text embedded code rather than stripping it :-)
6) If you select a block of text and click Effects->Format Codes->Underline, the program is designed to remove all underline formatting codes in the selected zone IF any are present. If no codes are present it is supposed to Add the underline effect to the entire selected zone. A bug prevented the trailing underline format-code in a selected region from being removed (since technically, the code is past the selected region that the effect is being applied to...). Fixed.
7) As usual, many internal changes and tweaks were made... I added more status messages during the sundry operations the code works through as it renders text such as loading streams, processing, optimizing, converting IRC to RTF, converting highlight codes, etc. I Moved these status messages to a new string-table and translated them to Spanish and French.

§ August 22, 2013 – 5.43 –

Strike while the iron is hot, as they say... Fixed a problem with text-effects that rely on a line-by-line acqusition of the background color state that exists at the first non-space character in the line. I had to modify the SetStateFlags() method... sometimes I need the state at the first character in the line even if it is a space, for instance during a cut/paste operation. But for these effects we needed to bypass leading spaces.

§ August 22, 2013 – 5.42 –

The answer to the meaning of YahCoLoRiZe is 5.42!

§ August 22, 2013 – 5.40 –

1) Released an update to the included HTML Help file. Fixed a problem when you try to cut a single carriage-return line-feed sequence at the end of a line. It would appear to join two lines in the RTF view but the actual code representation of the document still had the CR/LF.
2) Fixed a problem with vanishing text when editing a wing and with an extraneous line-terminator being added by the optimizer.
3) Fixed a problem where you would add a line at the end of a document and the IRC text-image would record it as two lines.
4) Added additional exception-handling and a master routine to attempt termination of the OnChange thread in the event of a program crash.
5) Fixed a problem in a new function that strips extra line terminators during playback to a chat-client.
6) Fixed bug when highlighting a single line-separator between text lines and deleting the selection.
7) Fixed an anomaly when cutting all text and switching to the V_OFF view. The MS_ORG memory stream was not being properly cleared.
8) Had to bump the OnChange thread priority up one notch. When a CPU intensive program was running, YahCoLoRiZe's background thread became so slow the program crashed.
9) Struggled all day with a hanging thread... installed a nice debug terminal in the process though - and I did come up with what I *hope is a quality solution that will hold up in coming days. We shall see. Enjoy 5.40 :)

§ August 19, 2013 – 5.32 –

The wing-editor was not properly handling cut/paste after the recent major changes. Fixed.

§ August 18, 2013 – 5.31 –

1) Fixed a few SMOPS (small matters of programming).
2) FYI: Now, when you type new text into the Processed view it will always be in black and white. Press the SHOW button to see how it actually will appear in a chat-room, web-page or when printed.

§ August 17, 2013 – 5.30 –

Fixed problems associated with the change to a threaded character handler. Cut/Paste works properly again. Found a case where we threw an exception while formatting to transmit to a chat-client, so that is fixed. I also believe the Undo feature now works again.
YahCoLoRiZe now uses the wide-character rich-edit class distributed with Windows called MsftEdit.DLL.
There have been MANY changes in the past month, most of which I've not had time to document as yet :-)

§ August 15, 2013 – 5.29 –

Added a major performance improvement in the way of a multi-threaded object model for the portion of the system that inputs and processes new characters.

§ August 3, 2013 – 5.23 –

 1) Added +/- paragraph indent in the width tab.    
    You can see it working here to make the numbers 
    stick out. Indent is set to -3 with Pack Text   
    and Left Justify checked and Wings unchecked.   
    Left, right, top and bottom margins are set to  
 2) A new Height tab was added that has top/bottom  
    margins. Both Left and Right margins can now be 
    set in the Width tab.                           
 3) Added a printer page-setup dialog in the File   
 4) There is a new flat button style that replaces  
    the file-folder tab style in the main panel.    

§ July 21, 2013 – 5.22 –

  Version 5.22:                                       
  A button was added next to Process called "Show".   
  Pressing this will display an IRC-coded document    
  or ASCII-art file "as-is" without adding wings,     
  borders or re-positioning or formatting the text.   
  Unprocessed YahCoLoRiZe Push/Pop zones are          
  represented in "strikeout" text in the color        
  Changing the entire document's color when you       
  clicked a color-panel was not working out so I      
  made a compromize. If you click a color-panel with  
  no text selected, it just sets the color that will  
  be used when you press "Process". If you select     
  some text or do "Select All" and click a color-     
  panel it will change all FG or BG colors to the     
  color you choose.                                   
  A bug was fixed in the newly rewritten ProcessIRC   
  class that was randomly preventing the first        
  character you inserted into a new document from     
  being processed.                                    
  The View menu adds a new feature "View in Browser"  
  that converts the document to HTML and launches     
  your web-browser to display it.                     
  I finally got around to putting in "Save" and       
  "New" file menu choices. ...Just tried it out on    
  this :-)                                            

§ July 16, 2013 – 5.21 –

The cursor was sometimes being positioned incorrectly after a paste. The Optimizer was inserting a default foreground color in the wing-editor, erroneously. I forgot to mention that I designed a new icon for the program a few days ago and I also updated the color-protocol and manual documents. Another change, made a few revisions ago, is that YahCoLoRiZe now does smart line-breaks on hyphens and forward-slashes.

§ July 17, 2013 – 5.20 –

There has been a flurry of programming insight, activity and inspiration culminating in YahCoLoRiZe 5.20...

  Fixed cut/paste and general text entry in all views.               
  The color dialog now shows the selected color when you hover over  
  it with the mouse and it responds to the Tab, ESC and Enter keys.  
  Rewrote the entire main color text processor in ProcessIRC.cpp so  
  that it is faster and fixes a bug that put an inappropriate space  
  at the start of each paragraph when in Pack Text mode.             
  You can edit text now in both the Original view as well as the     
  IRC view and the special mIRC text-format characters are           
  highlighted in red.                                                
  Switching back and forth between the Processed view and either     
  the Original or IRC views now automatically finds the correct      
  cursor position.                                                   
  There is a new rainbow blend-preset.                               
  The file-save and open algorithms have been reworked. You can      
  save a file in the Processed view as .txt and it will write the    
  correct raw mIRC color-codes. You can also save it as a .rtf       
  rich-text file that can be opened and printed with Microsoft Word  
  or Wordpad. You can load an rtf file and display it in             
  YahCoLoRiZe but you can't convert it to mIRC (IRC-Code) format.    
  Export as HTML fixes a problem with the font on the first line     
  Another problem in HTML export was that bold/                      
  underline/reverse tags were not being positioned correctly inside  
  a SPAN rather than outside.                                        
  The blender's ASCII export now only writes the specific number of  
  defined colors in the blend.                                       
  There was a bug in generating the RTF color-tables. In some cases  
  all RGB foreground colors would return WHITE.                      
  Many text-effects were fixed and are working properly including    
  all of the font-effects. They were not properly setting the FG/BG  
  colors at the end of the effect.                                   
  Simply clicking the FG or BG color panel in the processed view     
  and selecting a color will apply the new color to the text as you  
  watch. This works in both the WYSIWYG (Processed) view and the     
  IRC or Original (Codes view).                                      
  You can now apply a special text effect in all three edit-views    
  and on the entire text or just to selected portion.                
  The Strip Codes tool now has a dialog box that lets you choose     
  what codes to strip. For example you can choose to strip all       
  format codes except the ones ensconced between push/pop control     
  codes, or strip only bold codes, or just background colors, etc.   
  Disabled blend color-panels that are a dark color now display a    
  white X.                                                           
  Text playback to a room works with either the entire text or just  
  a selected portion, and it works in any edit-view.                 
  The Optimize tool no longer will apply the invisible-spaces        
  algorithm for IRC client-modes. The invisible-spaces algorithm in  
  ON by default and can be turned off in the Play->Options menu.     
  WHat it does is change space characters to the underscore          
  character and sets them to the same foreground background color    
  which means all you see is a colored space to pad out a line of    
  text. This is needed for the mIRC chat-client which will parse     
  out padding-spaces from the text it sends to a chat-room. The      
  invisible-spaces algorithm now happens silently when you press     
  Play. The text is also automatically optimized. The optimizer is   
  smart and figures out the fewest possible formatting codes to use  
  in your document!                                                  
  The Text Demo in the Help menu now sets Pack Text for the demo     
  then sets it back to what you had set. The ASCII art demo will     
  change certain settings and you will need to set them back.        
  The Box mode now works. In the Width tab set Height to a number    
  or check the auto box and enable text-borders in the Format tab    
  and YahCoLoRiZe will split your text into individual boxes with    
  You can now press the Process button in any edit view. If you are  
  in the Processed view, the auto-linewidth feature is               
  automatically invoked so that nested borders/wings can be drawn    
  via successive presses of Process. For example, you can write      
  some text, process it to put borders/wings around the text, then   
  apply an effect from the Effects menu. The effect will be applied  
  to all of the text you see, including the border. Then you can     
  change the border color, for example, and turn off wings and       
  press process again. A new border is drawn around the existing     
  processed text.                                                    
  How Push/Pop codes work: In the Original or IRC view, you can      
  highlight any block of pre-formatted text and select               
  Effects->Format Codes->Push. This surrounds that block of text in  
  a Push/Pop. Now when you add an Effect, say to the entire text,    
  the effect will NOT be applied to text in the push-pop zone. Now   
  when you Process the text to format the text width, apply wings    
  and borders... the push/pop codes are stripped out and the push/   
  pop areas are not allowed to be modified.                          
  You can insert just a single text-format code or apply the codes   
  to a select-range and it will be highlighted in red in the IRC     
  and Original views.                                                
  Added status displays (in blue) to show the currently selected     
  chat-client (which affects how text is processed and which         
  features are enabled) and the current VIEW.                        
  Eliminated checks for the proper security-code and for a valid     
  license key. The software is now fully functional freeware.        
  The Export as HRML initial mode is not to generate a full web-     
  page rather than just copy the HTML to the clipboard for pasting   
  into e-mail.                                                       
  Fixed the Find dialog so that Find-Next works over successive      
  You can now open any IRC (mIRC) text-file such as an ASCII-Art     
  file for editing and it will appear with formatting codes          
  highlighted in red. Then you can edit it, process it, add effects  
  and write the file back or play it with your selected chat-        
  client. Or you can export it as an HTML web-page!                  
  In the Blender tab there is a new Background Color selection       
  Fixed the Blender's RGB threshold edit box and font.               
  You can right-click any coloured panel throughout YahCoLoRiZe now  
  and see a display of color-information such as the RGB color in    
  both hex and decimal and the color-palette index.                  
  RGB colors would not display in the wing-editor. Now they do.      
  Going from the YahELite or Trinity RGB chat-clients back to an     
  IRC client was not setting the wing-editor's border background     
  color to a non-RGB color.                                          
  The Blender tab is now hidden when you select an IRC chat-client.  
  Before applying a color-blend effect, old colors in the            
  highlighted zone are stripped first.                               
  The text Margin in the Width tab was not working correctly. That   
  is fixed.                                                          
  Setting a Margin now will also apply a margin to the top and       
  bottom borders of Margin/2.                                        
  Thank you!                                                         

§ July 16, 2013 – 5.19 –

Fixed broken ASCII art editing. Eliminated a stream load of text prior to color processing because it is now redundant.

§ July 16, 2013 – 5.18 –

Fixed formatting when you set Height and Spacing for multiple-box mode and when you set the automatic box generation by paragraph (in the Width Tab). Fixed HTML export for IRC client modes - you could not set a RGB background color for the web-page and there was a problem with the Style HTML tag order for the overall document's font. The main font tag has to be placed outside of the PAR tag. The problem was that the 1st line of HTML would have a different font-size than the rest of the text-lines. Fixed.

§ July 15, 2013 – 5.17 –

 OK, version 3.01 works out a lot of lingering problems     
 i had with mIRC and have not noticed because mainly i      
 still use XiRCON.                                          
 1) mIRC no longer supports the CTRL-C ,cc "background      
 only" color format (which is a shame because in my         
 software there is never a conflict with it). So -          
 my solution is to leave it as-is in the YahCoLoRiZe        
 color-protocol and to fix it for mIRC during text-         
 playback, in the YahCoLoRiZe code-optimizer.               
 2) i found a bug in mIRC with "/ |" patterns played        
 with the /msg command and so i made a work-around for      
 it in the new "invisible spaces" function.                 
 3) "No Spaces" (a new check-box in play->options),         
 will scan the playback text and replace all                
 sequences of greater than one space in a row with          
 the "_" character, and set the colors so that the          
 _ is invisible (same foreground/background color).         
 Then it runs the code-optimizer twice.  The first          
 time will replace any RGB colors (CTRL-C #RRGGBB or        
 CTRL-C $RRGGBB) with the color from the 16-color           
 palette that is geometrically nearest to it.               
 The second pass optimizes those replaced color-codes.      
 4) I changed the color "Olive" (green) to "Orange" as      
 is in mIRC now.  Also, now YahCoLoRiZe loads its default   
 colors from the text-file "sc.txt" (which also has all     
 the smiley-codes and references to their image-files).     
 5) When you click on Tools->Optimize it will first add     
 invisible-spaces (if that feature is on) and then do the   
 two-pass optimization, replacing RGB colors for mIRC,      
 PIRCH and XiRCON. Then it displays the raw-text, which     
 you can then edit, and select all or part of it to play    
 to one of the chat-clients.                                
 6) I took out all of the stripping of leading/trailing     
 spaces in YahCoLoRiZe for all settings.  It was complex    
 and was causing problems in ASCII-art.                     
 ONE-NOTE: for mIRC, set the font to Courier New to use     
 with YahCoLoRiZe to keep the text-width even.  THe default 
 font of FixedSys no longer has a fixed-width when using    
 BOLD text!                                                 
§ June 25, 2013 – 5.16 –

1) Text-effects can now be applied to the entire text-buffer, not just to selected text. This uncovered a bug in the optimizer. It was putting out an improper color-code in some situations. Fixed.

§ June 22, 2013 – 5.15 –

Modified to open your default web-browser instead of Internet Explorer when you open my web-site from the Help menu or double-click the link in the title-bar.

§ June 3, 2013 – 5.14 –

No changes, just re-packaged the files.

§ May 10, 2013 – 5.13 –

Change I made yesterday brought out a problem in processing a SwiftMiX song-title with pre-existing color-codes. Fixed (hopefully.. :) Also added installer changes to allow you to preserve the old settings file (sc.txt) when you install a new version of YahCoLoRiZe. The main program settings (saved in the registry) already prompted you to save old settings, but the file sc.text contains information you can modify such as the format and colors used when processing SwiftMiX song information and the image files to use for emoticons...

§ May 9, 2013 – 5.12 –

The auto-line width algorithm computes width based upon the longest wing-pair. This works fine unless there is just one line of text to process. In this instance we want to compute the line-width based upon the randomly selected wing-pair, not the longest possible wing-pair. Fixed.

§ April 20, 2013 – 5.11 –

YahCoLoRiZe can now be uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs list in addition to Help=>Uninstall. You must have administrator privileges to completely uninstall the program. Yes, it took me a LONG time to get around to this...

§ March 31, 2013 – 5.10 –

Still freeware but I re-linked the license-key module and dialog. The Uninstall command now removes the entire YahCoLoRiZe directory from Discrete-Time Systems in your Program Files folder. No bugs - still rock-solid stability :-) Working on TunesFiX for .NET 4 these days...

§ February 10, 2013 – 5.09 –

Added "Help" to the wing-editor's main menu. I completely revamped the way YahCoLoRiZe shortcuts are installed and the way uninstall works. "Uninstall" in the "Help" menu now completely removes the program including shortcuts and even its own executable file, with no separate uninstaller program. YahCoLoRiZe won't appear in the Add/Remove Programs list!

§ February 7, 2013 – 5.08 –

The "Uninstall" option in the "Help" directory is now much more robust. Mainly this rev has new code to move the smiley image files to a "smileys" directory and I upgraded my own deployment environment for building, packaging, installing and archiving YahCoLoRiZe.

§ February 5, 2013 – 5.07 –

Same revision but I now check to see if the user is logged in as a system administrator before installing YahCoLoRiZe. You must have admin access to install most software.

§ February 4, 2013 – 5.07 –

Lots of work to the wing-editor. I fixed a few obvious and long-standing flaws and the big feature change is that you can add color text effects to a wing by highlighting parts of it in the edit window then right-clicking and choosing ""Add Text Effect"".

§ October 1, 2012 – 5.06 –

Holding steady 0 changes in a year! whoohoo!

§ November 8, 2011 – 5.06 –

Added a one-character programmable field to the play-dialog to let the user set the character used for the invisible-spaces algorithm (formerly, it was fixed as the _ char).

§ November 1, 2011 – 5.05 –

No bugs, but I stripped out the licensing software module and associated code, completely.

§ June 30, 2011 – 5.04 –

Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now work in the main edit-window. Fixed a problem in the import-file feature of the wing-editor in the case of a corrupted file.

§ June 28, 2011 – 5.03 –

Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now work in the Wing-editor. On uninstall, one file was not being removed... fixed.

§ June 27, 2011 – 5.02 –

Wing-editor font background color was wrong for a clean install. Fixed.

§ June 27, 2011 – 5.01 –

Bug fixed in the wing-editor that caused incorrect characters to be displayed after pasting text via the right-click popup menu.

§ April 13, 2011 – 5.00 –

No bugs have been found since May 2009, so I suppose YahCoLoRiZe is stable! This is the final release. I bumped the revision to a clean "5.00". I made the software 100% freeware with no restrictions and with a built-in unlimited license. So, to all of my many friends and supporters through the years, Cheers and enjoy!

§ May 23, 2009 – 4.03 –

Changes to the web-page export feature. You can now specify the page title. Many other small changes to conform to the strict HTML specification. It is ridiculous for the most part. For instance, the word "meta" has to be lower-case (even though all browsers handle upper-case with no problems.)

§ May 21, 2009 – 4.02 –

Optimizer was permitting an ambiguous color code in the case of a right wingding that began with a comma or space-comma. It printed to the client with the comma missing because the client (XiRCON) presumed a background color (for example: "Ctrl-C 08,"). Fixed.

§ April 23, 2009 – 4.01 –

If you set bold/underline/italic text in the font-dialog, the attribute was not being applied to the first line. Also, reversing bold/underline/italic once it had been applied from the Effects was not working. Fixed.

§ March 21, 2009 – 4.00 –

YahCoLoRiZe 4.00 Released 03/20/2009
1) You can now edit in the full-color "processed" View.
2) In the wing-editor, editing is now done in full-color.
3) Both in the main-window and in the wing-editor, you can now edit
in either the full-color (WYSIWYG) View or in the raw-codes View.
4) The raw-codes editing now highlights special text-formatting
control-characters in red and replaces them with a simple letter.
(Color = C, Italics = I, Bold = B, Underline = U)
5) The web-page export feature was improved and more export-options
are available with regard to handling background-images in the page.
Also, the generated text will no-longer "wrap" when the browser
window's width is too short.
6) Many other improvements were made, and many problems were fixed,
some of which caused program-crashes.

Also, the HTML Help pages (that appear when you click Help->Help) have been updated!

§ February 13, 2009 – 4.00 – Major feature added, the ability to EDIT text in the color WYSIWYG View, including Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete and keyboard Shift+Del to Cut and Shift+Ins to Paste. Also fixed remaining problems in Cut/Copy/Paste in the Wing-Editor. You can now process text, add effects, edit the text and play it back to a chat room, or copy parts of it for pasting into the Wing-Editor. The color-state is fully preserved in the Copy/Paste. Internally, text in Rich-Text is not converted to the IRC color-format, but rather the IRC text is maintained in the background and is modified in real-time as you edit the Rich text (RTF). You can switch to the IRC-code View any time and continuing the text-editing at the raw IRC-code level. Then you must press the Process button and re-render the IRC code to RTF again.

§ February 11, 2009 – 3.08 – License Key Software revisions...

§ February 9, 2009 – 3.07 – I forgot what all of the huge changes were... but changes made in the last few days are:

1) XiRCON had a problem displaying text remotely sent that contained a $## string (because of its TCL interpreter) so for XiRCON, I substitute ($)## when playing to a chat-room.

2) Added a vertical scroll-bar in the Wing-Editor edit controls (when the text-views are long).

3) When you choose "Undo All Wing-Edits" in the Wing-Editor it now closes (and quits) any Edit in-progress before restoring the old wing-strings.

4) Fixed bugs in Wing-Editor that would result in corrupt data when trying to insert characters at the beginning of a color text string.

5) Additions to License-control software.

6) Fixed bug that caused the text to wrap around inappropriately in the Plain-Text View Mode of the Wing-Editor (Default font needed to be set with SetFont()). (Also re-arranged the font-set routines - placed them in rgbConvert.cpp)

§ November 21, 2008 – 3.06 (BETA!) – Huge changes -- I will outline them when i release 3.07!

§ September 24, 2008 – 3.05 –

1) If a left-border had no background color, the default background color was not being set.

2) YahCoLoRiZe no longer supports the old mIRC "inverse video" (CTRL-R) instead it will always be italics, the same as for PIRCH and YahELite. mIRC will still display reverse-video.

3) If you set bold or italics on in the font-dialog, it should only be applied to the text, not the borders or wingdings... this has been fixed.

§ August 22, 2008 – 3.04 –

When you added a text-effect the Line-Width was creeping up each time by a factor of 2 X Line-Margin. Fixed.

§ August 15, 2008 – 3.03 –

The SwifTMiX song-information is now displayed via a format-string in the file sc.txt, so now anyone can customize the format of song, artist, and album that can then be sent into a chat-room. The format can handle all colors and also bold, underline, etc.

The sc.txt file can now contain comments and blank-lines.

The new "invisible spaces" functionality was working with mIRC/PIRCH but not with XiRCON. Also, there was another problem with the algorithm that was resetting the space-counter at an inappropriate time. Fixed.

Enhanced the intelligence of the wing-selection algorithm. If the text wants to wrap, we now try to find a random wing-pair that will still fit and avoid wrapping text in the middle of a word. If no wing-pair is found the line will print with no wings added.

§ August 9, 2008 – 3.02 –

Fixed a bug that was causing errors in bold, underline, italic text and was causing one character to be lost when wrapping lines to a short line-width.

§ August 7, 2008 – 3.01 –

 OK, version 3.01 works out a lot of lingering problems     
 i had with mIRC and have not noticed because mainly i      
 still use XiRCON.                                          
 1) mIRC no longer supports the CTRL-C ,cc "background      
 only" color format (which is a shame because in my         
 software there is never a conflict with it). So -          
 my solution is to leave it as-is in the YahCoLoRiZe        
 color-protocol and to fix it for mIRC during text-         
 playback, in the YahCoLoRiZe code-optimizer.               
 2) i found a bug in mIRC with "/ |" patterns played        
 with the /msg command and so i made a work-around for      
 it in the new "invisible spaces" function.                 
 3) "No Spaces" (a new check-box in play->options),         
 will scan the playback text and replace all                
 sequences of greater than one space in a row with          
 the "_" character, and set the colors so that the          
 _ is invisible (same foreground/background color).         
 Then it runs the code-optimizer twice.  The first          
 time will replace any RGB colors (CTRL-C #RRGGBB or        
 CTRL-C $RRGGBB) with the color from the 16-color           
 palette that is geometrically nearest to it.               
 The second pass optimizes those replaced color-codes.      
 4) I changed the color "Olive" (green) to "Orange" as      
 is in mIRC now.  Also, now YahCoLoRiZe loads its default   
 colors from the text-file "sc.txt" (which also has all     
 the smiley-codes and references to their image-files).     
 5) When you click on Tools->Optimize it will first add     
 invisible-spaces (if that feature is on) and then do the   
 two-pass optimization, replacing RGB colors for mIRC,      
 PIRCH and XiRCON. Then it displays the raw-text, which     
 you can then edit, and select all or part of it to play    
 to one of the chat-clients.                                
 6) I took out all of the stripping of leading/trailing     
 spaces in YahCoLoRiZe for all settings.  It was complex    
 and was causing problems in ASCII-art.                     
 ONE-NOTE: for mIRC, set the font to Courier New to use     
 with YahCoLoRiZe to keep the text-width even.  THe default 
 font of FixedSys no longer has a fixed-width when using    
 BOLD text!                                                 

§ August 4, 2008 – 3.00 –

Found an error in the Play-Options logic that determines which dialog-widgets to display (like burst-interval, etc.) for mIRC/PIRCH. Fixed.

Improved the Hints for UseDLL/UseFile checkboxes in Play->Options, and added a display of the current version of Colorize.dll in the Play->Options title-bar.

Moved all messages/menu-text for Tools->Edit-Wingdings and Play-Options from the main code-body into Defaultstrings.cpp. (still have to translate them for French/Spanish!).

I started using mIRC with my DLL (Colorize.dll) which is nice because it lets you play any text, including ASCII-art without stripping any spaces (as mIRC will do if text is simply sent via the chat-edit-window or from a remote /msg command). But I found a bug in it that adds an extra backslash character for every one it sees in the text (not good!). So I updated Colorize.dll and fixed its _Colorize_Version export-function. Note: another advantage of checking UseDLL for mIRC is that you can use the YahCoLoRiZe burst-play-mode, and also pause and resume playback of any text!


§ August 2, 2008 – 2.99 –

Added a DDE Server to YahCoLoRiZe. You can now remotely set the chat-room and send text to YahCoLoRiZe while in a mIRC chat-room!

It is very simple, you just need to add two simple aliases to mIRC. In mIRC, go to Tools->Scripts Editor. Click the Aliases tab. Click at the bottom of the Alises edit-window and add these two lines (exactly as they appear):

/chan /dde colorize command ddechan $1-

/ex /dde colorize command ddetext $1-

Click Close, make sure YahCoLoRiZe is running. Now:

1) Select mIRC from the Clients tab in YahCoLoRiZe.

2) In mIRC connect to chat (say irc.icq.net) and go to a test-room, say #teens.

3) In the room #teens type: /chan #teens (this tells YahCoLoRiZe what room to send back text into). Then type: /ex hi everyone!

The text should appear in the room #teens, processed by YahCoLoRiZe!

(also in 2.99, fixed a few text-processing bugs)

§ July 28, 2008 – 2.98 –

Hopefully have fixed the bug with Auto-Linewidth... the "onchange" handler needs to be temporarily disabled when we compute the auto-line-width.

§ July 28, 2008 – 2.97 –

*®  `·.<º)))><.·´Ok! A lot of changes `·.><(((º>.·´ ®*
*® ¤~»}®{«~¤ anfixes, too many and too  ¤~»}®{«~¤ ®*
*® "°º©o., much work to really convey here! ,.o©º°" ®*
*®                    ¦+ §:¬>                    ®*
*®    ¤~»}®{«~¤ I re-wrote most of the  ¤~»}®{«~¤   ®*
*® ¤~»}®{«~¤ effects processing software  ¤~»}®{«~¤ ®*
*®    ¦+and re-thought a lot of the main  §:¬>   ®*
*®  `·.<º)))><.·´processing algorithm.`·.><(((º>.·´ ®*
*®            `·.<º)))><.·´`·.><(((º>.·´            ®*
*®  ¤~»}®{«~¤ For instance, you can now  ¤~»}®{«~¤  ®*
*® ¦+have a text-effect in the code you are  §:¬>®*
*® "°º©o., re-processing, and it correctly  ,.o©º°" ®*
*® ¦+preserves the text attributes past the  §:¬>®*
*® ¦+wings/border and into succeeding lines. §:¬>®*
*®            `·.<º)))><.·´`·.><(((º>.·´            ®*
*®     ¦+You can now have a section of  §:¬>     ®*
*®  "°º©o., underlined text, and select a  ,.o©º°"  ®*
*® ¦+part of it and add a new text-effect,  §:¬> ®*
*® "°º©o., say alternating underline/bold -  ,.o©º°"®*
*®     ¦+and it will render accurately. §:¬>     ®*
*®               ¤~»}®{«~¤  ¤~»}®{«~¤               ®*
*®   ¤~»}®{«~¤ The color-blender is now  ¤~»}®{«~¤  ®*
*®¦+working (again) for "word", "sentence",  §:¬>®*
*®    ¤~»}®{«~¤ "Line" and "paragraph". ¤~»}®{«~¤   ®*
*®                 "°º©o.,  ,.o©º°"                 ®*
*®¤~»}®{«~¤ The line-size you set was no ¤~»}®{«~¤®*
*®  `·.<º)))><.·´appropriately being `·.><(((º>.·´  ®*
*®  ¦+processed after reading it from the  §:¬>  ®*
*® `·.<º)))><.·´registry (which caused `·.><(((º>.·´®*
*®    "°º©o., me to re-write all of the  ,.o©º°"    ®*
*®   ¤~»}®{«~¤ handlers for Line-Width ¤~»}®{«~¤  ®*
*®   ¤~»}®{«~¤ MarginLine-Height, etc. ¤~»}®{«~¤  ®*
*®                 "°º©o.,  ,.o©º°"                 ®*
*®`·.<º)))><.·´Many other changes... `·.><(((º>.·´®*
*®`·.<º)))><.·´hope this version works `·.><(((º>.·´®*
*®  `·.<º)))><.·´well for you, e-mai`·.><(((º>.·´ ®*
*®     ¤~»}®{«~¤ me, dxzl@live.com! ¤~»}®{«~¤      ®*

§ July 18, 2008 – 2.96 –

1) Line-numbers in lower-right when you click on a line-were zero-based instead of starting with 1.

2) I added a YES/NO warning for the Help->Uninstall (long overdue!).

3) I eliminated what appeared to be redundant color-codes a few revisions back. As it turns out they are Needed!; but only if Wings or Borders are turned on. So that's fixed (caused colors from the text to propagate into the right wing).

4) Added a SAVE button to save text into the last file you opened, automatically. If the file exists, it will only prompt to over-write the first time you "Save".

5) Now, in addition to preserving the previously opened or saved "path", we now also preserve the "file".

6) The Help->Text Demo now only works if the Client is set to YahELite or Trinity. This is because the file "manual.txt" contains RGB codes embedded in it that "normal" IRC can't handle (yet!)

7) When finding the length of the next word in order to determine whether to wrap it to the next line, I now take into account spaces in front of the next word that might contain a specific background color. This can be seen working in the phrase (from Help->Text Demo):

creative  WEB DEVELOPERS !

(I just generated that HTML code with the Export as Web-Page function in YahCoLoRiZe!)

§ July 17, 2008 – 2.95 –

More issues with code-optimizer, including the fact that for several years it has not been running when you sent text from XiRCON or YahELite remotely (I never knew it until I began developing the Trinity chat-client last night (all-nighter!). Diagnostics in that new program showed that the optimizer was not being invoked. Fixed.

New warning message for text with pre-existing colors wrapping around in an undesirable fashion was showing up all the time. Fixed.

The Burst-Size for playback was dysfunctional. Fixed.

Lots of other sundry improvements and repairs...

Lastly the new software called Trinity is under construction - it is really more of a diagnostic tool for YahCoLoRiZe at this point. - Cheers.

§ July 16, 2008 – 2.94 –

Enabled the TRINITY chat-client. This is a non-existent client but when you select this YahCoLoRiZe will operate in full RGB mode with the color-blender enabled. It will PLAY codes in my enhanced IRC format which includes RGB... and it uses Windows WM_COPYDATA messages sent to any window-name with the window-class of TDTSTrinity. In the dwData field of the windows copy-data-structure, it sends the integer representation of a custom Windows message, "WM_DataCoLoRiZe"

When switching clients, it was possible to throw an unhandled exception due to using the windows SetFocus() command on an invalid window. FIXED.

§ July 14, 2008 – 2.93 – Somehow introduced another problem in 2.92, in the optimizer, inadvertently. Fixed. I added a new warning message. If the user has auto-width turned off, and the chosen line-width is less than the max line-width of the text being processed, and if that text has pre-existing color-codes embedded in it, the program warns that the text will be word-wrapped during processing and possibly ruin the effect of ASCII-Art. The program prompts to auto-adjust the line-width.

§ July 9, 2008 – 2.92 – fixed bug in optimizer...

§ July 9, 2008 – 2.91 – A number of changes:

1) A long-standing bug finally fixed. When adding an effect (from the Effects menu), the effect-text is surrounded with Push/Pop codes, then the codes are later replaced during main text-processing. There was a bug that added additional color-codes AFTER the pop-code, instead of before it... so what you would see when you tried to add an effect to a processed ASCII-art file was that the characters following the selected text would revert to the wrong color. FIXED.

2) There were an extra set of redundant color-codes added to the beginning and end. You could see it in View->IRC. This was not really a problem when playing back text into a chat-room because the optimizer strips all redundant codes during playback; however it was a peculiar problem and is finally fixed.

3) Added a line-width display. You can left-click any line of text in any View and its "actual" length without embedded codes is shown in the lower right panel. This is useful for spotting un-even lines in ASCII-art.

4) The optimizer will now keep a trailing CTRL-C color-code if it was embedded in the original file being processed... some ASCII art ends each line with a CTRL-C.

5) I re-designed the rules for pre-stripping leading and trailing spaces prior to processing a text-file. If a line has any pre-existing color-codes, no pre-existing leading/trailing whitespace will be stripped. If Left-Justify is checked in the Format Tab, trailing spaces will be trimmed if there are no pre-existing color-codes, but leading spaces will not be trimmed (for instance, spaces indenting paragraphs will be preserved if you check Left-Justify)

*Note: The chat-client mIRC strips all white-space in a text-line (at least when playing to the status-window) If you are having trouble, in the Play->Options menu, check the "Use File" box for playing ASCII-art. mIRC won't strip spaces that are in a line of text it is playing from a file.

*Note: After pressing the PROCESS button, you can change to View->IRC and see all the UN-Optimized codes. They are kept un-optimized until playback for a good reason. After optimization, some color situations become ambiguous if you try to add still additional text-effects... However, you can click on Tools->Optimize to force the View->IRC code to be stripped of all redundant codes. Then save to a file, or Play it with the Green Play button...

§ July 4, 2008 – 2.90 – Found a pernicious and elusive bug! "Unable to Process!" would appear, or sometimes the last few characters of text would fail to process. There was a place in TProcessIRC's class where I was using pBuf--, rather than iBuf--. This changed the main buffer's address, and when the buffer-object was deleted, an exception was thrown resulting in that evil message, and no-doubt causing a memory leak. FIXED.

§ March 7, 2008 – 2.89 – Small change for XiRCON playback to a chat-channel: Text containing braces would not play (reason is that XiRCON's TCL interpreter thinks its a command... so i now simply replace [ or ] with *). This mainly happened when processing a song-title sent to YahCoLoRiZe from SwiftMiX, and only if using XiRCON.

§ January 28, 2008 – 2.88 – Expanded the data that can be received from SwiftMiX (.NET version) to include Album's artist and album name as well as the song title. When you click Options->Send Timing Telemetry in SwiftMiX, it will send the song info to YahCoLoRiZe. To access this info, right-click in the main window of YahCoLoRiZe and click Process SwiftMiX Song Name. The song info will be formatted in YahCoLoRiZe, then you can play it to a room by pressing the green Play button.

§ January 26, 2008 – 2.87 – Added ability to right-click a file and choose "Open With" to load a file into YahCoLoRiZe. Also re-worked the software that handles file-conversions from say HTML to YahCoLoRiZe's RTF format.

§ January 24, 2008 – 2.86 – Fixed old bug. Most will only see it when first installing the program and the demo-text is processed. This text shows off the complexity and potential of YahCoLoRiZe - "ocasionally" the demo would be mis-processed and show the raw RGB codes I use (like #ff3345). I tracked the problem down to a faulty routine that validates the characters that follow # (foreground) or $ (background) RGB colors. Fixed!

I added push/pop in the Show-Hex Tool... slipped through the cracks for a few years.

Internally there is expanded error-reporting (needed it to fix the above problem).

A "slight" problem here: if you tried to run Help->Uninstall and you moved the program Colorize.exe into some other directory than the install directory, and then said "yes" to delete all files, it would delete ALL files in whatever directory it was executed from (!!!) FIXED.

For IRC clients, in the Play->Options dialog, you can now enter new room-names followed by Enter and they will be added to the room-list without closing the dialog.

I put back access to the Font dialog for IRC clients, only the Style (bold, underline, italics) has any effect when you process text... the Size of the font works but just in the YahCoLoRiZe text-processing window (IRC does not support font-info of any kind). "Italics" in IRC chat becomes "reverse-video". (Yahoo does not support background-colors, but IRC does... Nightmare!!)


§ January 24, 2008 – 2.85 – More improvements to the room-list for IRC clients... added a delete button that's smart enough to delete redundant entries of the same room. Upon exiting the program, the rooms are deleted from the Windows registry. PRIVACY!

Also added more messages to help the user manage the room-list.

§ January 23, 2008 – 2.84 – Bug i said was fixed with the failure to remember font bold/italics wasn't. So after a lot of debugging, i traced it to the fact that i was declaring font-variables (which are actually Borland VCL classes) as private in my base-class. They actually must be declared in the main program body. Weird problem!

I now lock out the Font-dialog unless you set "Client" to YahELITE... because IRC can't handle fonts... if you change from an IRC client back to YahELite you will have to re-set the font-values you had before. (too much work now to save the old values - and i'm not sure its good to save them anyway...)

I actually sat down and designed a robust algorithm for the "last-channel-list" (room-list) in the playback-options dialog. So now you type in a new room it won't be added if the room-name is already in the list. The list-size was increased to 10 rooms... If the room-list is full the algorithm simply replaces the room in the currently indexed slot.

§ January 22, 2008 – 2.83 – Long-standing bug. The font style (bold, italics, etc) was being saved in the registry but was not being ptoperly set in the rich-edit control when the program is first launched. Fixed. Also updated the French and Spanish versions for the first time since version 2.78(!). All versions have the freeware license now.

§ January 21, 2008 – 2.82 – Long-standing bug. When using the /EX (extension) command in YahELITE to send text to YahCoLoRiZe to be auto-processed and played back, you mysteriously got an extra blank chat-line. Well after about three years I finally tracked it down and fixed it!

§ November 13, 2007 – 2.81 – Added a button to scroll through the previous five chat-rooms the user entered.

§ May 22, 2007 – 2.80 – Small change to keep license agreement from popping up every time you run YahCoLoRiZe in non-administrator mode.

§ May 9, 2007 – 2.79 – YahCoLoRiZe is now FREEWARE. Fixed bug that caused extra lines to be inserted for existing ASCII-art files (when borders were turned off). Added a Freeware licence key that will automatically install over any older keys.

§ January 31, 2007 – 2.78 – Fixed bug in Wing-Editor. Wing menu lables were out of sync. (Happened when I added Push/Pop to the Options Menu)... Fixed! (So Export works again... you can save and pass wing-designs to friends).

§ December 5, 2006 – 2.77 – Weeee'r practically givin' it away!!! 1-Year license is automatically installed for this version. After a year, the HTML-Export feature will quit, but everything else will work. Think this is about the end, my friend -- hope you have enjoyed it, as much as i have strained my brain... what's left of it ;)

 Merry Christmas!!! 

§ December 2, 2006 – 2.76 – another change to license-key code, to inhibit a message from showing when operating in a non-administrator account. The force-key option fails when using a restricted account, but the software continues to function normally on the old key, so there is no need for a scary message.

§ November 28, 2006 – 2.75 – Small change to license-key code, to permit "force-key" option for a trial-version. (I'm a very nice guy.)

§ November 27, 2006 – 2.74 – In Play->Options added a box to strip font-tags for playback (Yahoo chat). These tags are long and Yahoo has cut down on text-length (sadly) even more... so every byte counts now. Checking the box "Strip Font Tags" will reduce the length of each line, but you won't get the font-selection (or font-effects) from within YahCoLoRiZe. Clicking the box will switch the view to "Original" and you need to press the Process button again.

§ November 10, 2006 – 2.73 – A lot of internal tweaks and fixes... 0) For huge text-files, there are new processing status messages and you can now press ESC to abort (this has never properly worked until now). 1) YahCoLoRiZe is now smarter at finding the YahELite instance if you open another instance of YahELite and close the previous instance, we can find it! YahELite still appears to block /ex commands if it has more than one of itself running. 2) Updated the tab lables and moved Effects->Optimize into the Tools menu. 3) Fixed "strip codes". 4) A /ex command to YahCoLoRiZe was not working unless "Play On CR/EX" was checked in the Options tab. (this may have caused some user-frustration because my Help-section tells the user to initially test YahCoLoRiZe with a /ex command). 5) Added some internal message-loop protections to help keep malicious chatters from causing YahCoLoRiZe to hang. 6) Many Internal changes were made that hopefully improve YahCoLoRiZe object-encapsulation, etc. This design is still has poor process-isolation -- C# and .NET should be used but that is far too difficult at this stage! - Be well!

§ November 03, 2006 – 2.72 – 1) I had changed font-codes to be variable from 0-3 digits, problems developed when a font-code was next to a printable digit. So, I went back to a fixed font-code length of two-digits. 2) Worked on the blender import/export to default the file-dialogs to the appropriate file-type (.bin or .txt). I changed the format for the text-export of a blend-preset... the format of the text file is "BLEND:rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb" (where rrggbb is the RGB color in hex). Problem was the text-import of a blend-preset would import from any kind of file whatsoever. Now we check for the "BLEND:" preamble. 3) The blend-engine caused an exception if all panels in a blend-preset were Xed out any you tried to process text several times (was trying to reference a deleted object).

§ November 03, 2006 – 2.71 – Bug with wing-editor in importing wings from the RTF view. Fixed. Also, the algorithm for wing-import automatically optimizes the color/font codes. A new feature scans the imported string for the presence of a font-code that have no terminating CTRL-F "0" (return to default font). If CTRL-F "0" is missing, it is inserted.

§ November 01, 2006 – 2.70 – New month and past Halloween... so to make things a bit less spooky, i bumped the revision up to 2.70! Fixed more formatting problems. Added a new "wing" (very cool!) under "options" in the wing-editor. Added a new effect called "Dither Brightness". Changed the wing-editor"s "import from main design window" feature to permit you to change to the "IRC" view, then edit the raw format-codes, and import the raw version as a wing. (You can also still import from the "Processed" view.)

§ October 30, 2006 – 2.60 – Add new Yahoo smiley. Lower play-buffer default size from 500 to 295 bytes (YahELite seems to have this number as the Extension byte-limit now). YahCoLoRiZe checks this number for each line prior to playing and reports the 1st line that is over before playing the text into a room. Fix a line-overrun problem when the line-size is exactly equal to the user's set line-width.

§ October 28, 2006 – 2.59 – Fixed another problem with line-breaks when effects are added. Improved "undo" (View->Original). Now I clear all views when restoring defaults.

§ October 27, 2006 – 2.58 – Fixed another problem with line-spacing. Added a status display for the largest line width rendered for playback (in raw chars). To invoke it, click right on the status display in the lower-right corner. This should help you set the max number of chars to send in Play->Options. (Yahoo and or YahELite seems to vary this number at will). Re-posted the French/Spanish versions. Deleted the "Effects" Tab.

§ October 24, 2006 – 2.56 – Took out the "Add Color" checkbox under the "Format 2" tab. It was never used and did not even work anymore.

§ October 23, 2006 – 2.55 –

1) Fixed bug in ScanString() routine that sometimes caused an error message due to a 0-length line-width that was being reported as a negative integer.

2) The spacing between paragraphs was unpredictable... an artifact of other recent improvements. This caused spurious lines to be inserted where they did not belong. Fixed.

§ October 18, 2006 – 2.54 –

1) The library function isdigit() was falsely returning "true" for non-alphanumeric characters. This occasionally caused an Exception to be thrown. isdigit() was replaced with a custom version.

2) Yahoo "coffee" smiley was set wrong in the file sc.txt (fixed).

§ October 17, 2006 – 2.53 – In the Wing-Editor, the Import From Main Design Window feature has been enhanced to permit font-sizes. Fixed bug in re-rendering code for the font when adding an effect (CTRL-F 0 was not advancing the buffer-pointer so an extra "0" was added to the font-size).

1) Turn off Wings and Borders, Check "left-justify" and "Auto" line-size mode

2) Select a font-size from Tools->Font and design a one-line "Wing"

3) Select portions of the wing and add any Effects you choose

4) Go to Tools->Wing Editor and choose Options->Insert From Main Design Window from the menu. The new wing with embedded font-size codes will be added to the wings list.

§ October 13, 2006 – 2.51 – Put back in the HTML tag attribute "bgcolor" for Yahoo chat. This attribute is only added if the chosen background color in YahCoLoRiZe is not WHITE. Some dialog forms did not have the bStayOnTop attribute set and this caused problems occasionally.

§ October 13, 2006 – 2.50 – Fixed several things that have annoyed me.

1) When using the "Play On CR/EX" feature to send a long color-processed line to a chat-room, if the line is broken into several shorter lines, the wing-pair only was added to the last line. I have re-vamped the way wings are added... wings are now selected for each line and the text is made to fit with the selected wing-pair. Before, the wing-pair was chosen to fit the text. This fix means a wing-pair is displayed for each line of text.

2) In fixing #1, I discovered a memory-leak from an object that was not being deleted.

3) Adding effects to a selected portion of text had never worked quite as intended. I have delved into the problems in mapping the RTF view to the actual buffer containing text and associated formatting codes and improved things. The algorithm was not looking back in the buffer far enough to catch the formatting codes that are present following the "previous" character. Also... you can now re-process, re-select text and re-do an effect. The algorithm now selectively strips old codes in the selected area that are pertinent to the effect being applied, then the effect is applied.

Be Well!

§ August 18, 2006 – 2.49 – added YahELite's /notextfile command. Changed some superficial things in the hints in the play-dialog and in the wing-editor... No real know bugs... This will be one of the last revisions, I will check for interest and do some additional promotion regarding the HTML uses for this product. At last check the XiRCON chat client's web-site is defunct. That's a shame, it was a great chat-client. I may post it here. I have not been able to contact the author, David Gravereaux.

§ August 17, 2006 – 2.48 – Fixed problem with a back-tick character appearing for YahELite when the "File" playback option was selected.

§ August 14, 2006 – 2.47 – Added support for remotely changing the chat-channel and for remotely presenting text from XiRCON to YahCoLoRiZe for rendering and play into an IRC chat-room.

There is a new revision of the Tcl-script for XiRCON (Colorize.tcl). Also there is a new version of Colorize.dll.

New Script Commands:

/ex /chan

§ August 12, 2006 – 2.46 – Fixed a timing bug in the new playback code.

§ August 11, 2006 – 2.45 – BIG CHANGES... All of the Play Options have been re-vamped and the DLL which handles playback for XiRCON has been updated. The play options dialog now shows only the fields pertinent to the selected client and the play-mode.

There are four play-modes for mIRC/PIRCH, and two modes for XiRCON/YahELite:

UseFile N, UseDll N: We send text to the client with /msg (not used for XiRCON). Good for YahELite or when even border edges are not important for mIRC/PIRCH.

UseFile Y, UseDll N: We write to a temp file and send a /playfile (depends on the client) command to the client (not used for XiRCON)

UseFile N, UseDll Y: We send each text line to the DLL which then writes a 1-line file and plays it with /play (not used for YahELite) [so we can write ASCII art to mIRC but keep our burst-rate feature]

UseFile Y, UseDll Y: We write to a temp file then command the DLL to play it to the client. The DLL plays the file by creating a small one line file for each line and then it tells the chat-client to play the one-line file to the chat-room. This works for sending ASCII art, etc with mIRC (which normally strips out spaces) (not used for YahELite)

ALSO CHANGED: Wrapped many of internal functions into two new C++ classes (one is a "playback" class). This should improve stability and memory-usage.

§ August 7, 2006 – 2.44 – Font codes used to be restricted to two digits. Now they can be 0-3 digits.

Version 2.43 had a bug when adding font-effects, fixed.

§ August 5, 2006 – 2.43 – Additions to the Wing-Editor, you now double-click on the left/right top/bottom border edit-boxes to bring up an editor that allows you to insert colors, etc. easily. Also added Copy/Paste for a wing in the pop-up (right-click) menu. So you could: A) Design a one-line wing (or a side/top/bottom border) in the main window. B) Press PROCESS. C) Highlight sections of the text and add any effects (Effects menu) you want. D) Click Tools->Wing Editor. E) Click the right mouse button in the Left Wings box to bring up the pop-up menu. F) Click Import From Main Design Window to add a new wing-pair. G) Now, right click and choose "Copy" to copy a wing to the clipboard... H) Double-click the Left-Side-Border edit-box (the text can be edited now) I) Right click in the edit box at the top and Paste in the wing you copied earlier. J) Press Enter to save it. Whooohooo that text is now shown for the Left-Border... you get the idea, there are many ways to edit wings/borders... do some experimenting! B) highlight sections of the line fixed yet another problem when sending text to YahCoLoRiZe from YahELite. Pre-existing memory streams were not being cleared. Now defaulting RGB threshold for blender to 30.

§ August 4, 2006 – 2.42 – Fixed yet another problem when sending text to YahCoLoRiZe from YahELite. Pre-existing memory streams were not being cleared. Now defaulting RGB threshold for blender to 30.

§ August 2, 2006 – 2.41 – Built/Released French/Spanish versions after a long time... Fixes mIRC/PIRCH problem with changing ONLY a background color (Example: CTRL-C,12). I just write both the foreground and background color in the code-optimizer now. These "bugs" are with mIRC/PIRCH (manifesting in different ways). Also, NEW FEATURE: YahCoLoRiZe now receives "telemetry" from SwiftMiX to allow song-lyric play into a chat that is synchronized with the audio from SwiftMiX.

§ July 28, 2006 – 2.40 – Ahhhh, so sorry YahELite peeps, i had a long-standing bug that was causing the /EX command in YahELite to send only old text from YahCoLoRiZe. Finally Fixed. Also, eliminated a requirement for a license key in import of blend-colors. And finally, eliminated the prompt for license key on startup if an invalid key is present. Be Well...

§ July 23, 2006 – 2.39 – Playback upon hitting RETURN option was not working for IRC... fixed. Play on CR now plays at Play-Time divided by 4. A warning comes up if borders are on when you click "Play On CR/EX". Another problem now fixed is that after hitting RETURN with Play On CR, the return was being passed on into the edit-window and was causing a spurious blank-line to appear.

§ July 22, 2006 – 2.38 – Invert client button bevel states. Cut out CTRL_O before right-wing, caused problems in ICQ chat.

§ June 6, 2006 – 2.37 – Changes to License-Key code...

§ March 20, 2006 – 2.35 – Changes to License-Key code...

§ March 16, 2006 – 2.34 – Add License Key software and a new About dialog.

§ March 11, 2006 – 2.33 – Open and Save dialogs now remember your working directory throughout your session. RichEdit control's object security is now being set... but i am not certain if this will make it any more resiliant against chat-room hackers.

§ March 7, 2006 – 2.32 – Default directory for File Open/Save is now the Desktop directory. Made some changes to the trial-version procedures.

§ March 1, 2006 – 2.31 – 2.30 vas very stable... the best version so-far. 2.31 fixes a problem with "white-space" between paragraphs of an exported HTML file. Also it adds an attempt at object-security... and some other things i can't recall right now. (Scroll down on the main page and try my new project: SwiftMiXeR!)

§ February 11, 2006 – 2.30 – Added color-code optimization for the HTML converter.

§ February 10, 2006 – 2.29 – A) Fixed Undo. B) You can now insert raw control-codes if the view is not RTF and if no text has been selected. C) Fixed the "dancing-finger" smiley. D) Demo-text is now imported from text-files included in the distribution. E) Added "technical documentation" in the Help menu. F) Re-wrote the handlers for changing border-background color so that you can now select RGB and have the border-color be any possible color.

§ February 8, 2006 – 2.28 – A) Added new parameters Line Height, Line Spacing, and Auto Height. YahCoLoRiZe can now break up text into individual boxes of a specific height with borders, and spaced by a user-defined amount. Setting Line Height to 0 turns the feature OFF. Setting Line Spacing to 0 will force single border spacing. B) Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now copy and paste selected text. C) Bug fixed that caused the right-border to be inserted one character early if a very long word was processed (text with no spaces). Inside info: I had to re-think my text-processing paragraph-detection algorithm, and re-write the code that automatically pulls out redundant lines when "Pack Lines" is checked.

§ February 4, 2006 – 2.27 – When the user selects a blend-preset, automatically turn on Horizontal-Blend for foreground-color. Changed file sc.txt to include the web-url and an e-mail address... this will let me change these values without re-building the program. Beefed up the "trial" checks/features. Program now will handle all smileys being moved to a "Smileys" subdirectory in the main install directory. (My current installer won't create a subdirectory).

§ February 2, 2006 – 2.26 – A) Fixed obvious bug in Yahoo-Chat format... all lines were being chopped off. B) Some tweaks in the font-tags for Yahoo.

§ February 1, 2006 – 2.25 – Made HTML-converter a C++ class. If no wings or borders and background is white, fixed the HTML converter to add paragraphs. In the Yahoo-chat converter, i now parse out "effectively" blank lines and also chop trailing spaces.

§ January 31, 2006 – 2.24 – Fixed the Codes/Edit Views in the Wing-Editor. Added some misc. code for advanced features in a trial-version.

§ January 27, 2006 – 2.23 – Drawing of the colorized "www." top-banner was not updating properly when the window was being minimized or maximized. I traced the problem to a lag in the update of the VCL's window-width parameter relative to Windows. So i added a timer-delay... this also filters how fast the graphics will have to re-paint -- so it is a performance plus.

§ January 26, 2006 – 2.22 – Eliminate the font "size" in the leading tag. Optimizer adds a leading font-size tag.

§ January 26, 2006 – 2.21 – Quick fix of a bad little bug... was trying to optimize codes for the "Yahoo" text that had already been converted and optimized. Caused a leading "00`" to appear in the chat.

§ January 25, 2006 – 2.20 – A) Added capability to embed font-size codes into Wings. B) Added a manual font-size dialog/tool to the Wing-Editor. C) Found a bug in the RTF converter that failed to place a space after the "\fsXX " RTF codes thus causing to line to be one space short. D) An embedded font-size of "00" will now cause reversion to the user's font-size. This is needed because you can force chars in Wings to adopt the user's font-size as they may change it. F) I improved the redundant-codes optimizer to also eliminate redundant font-size codes. The "Import From Main Design Window" feature in the Wings-Editor not will strip redundant codes first. G) Various cosmetic changes and menu/hint changes.

§ January 25, 2006 – 2.19 – Improved smileys.

§ January 24, 2006 – 2.18 – A) Fixed problem when no wings or borders and blending was on, and you has multiple paragraphs and tried to add an effect in the WYSIWYG view. Turns out that the software was adding the Margin to a blank-line separating paragraphs. This fooled the re-processor into not recognizing a paragraph was there, it became a line consisting of space(s). B) Fixed the PHONE smiley. C) Made the default burst/play times longer, Yahoo is running a flood-detector now.

§ January 22, 2006 – 2.17 – A) On install, the "Save Old Settings" dialog used to come up hidden behind other open windows... fixed. B( You can now minimize YahCoLoRiZe and send text from YahELite with /ex command and YahCoLoRiZe will remain minimized and not keep popping up. C) fixed some smiley-hints D) Changed default burst-time to 120ms.

§ January 21, 2006 – 2.16 – A) Fixed a problem when /ex with YahELite in chat and the line was too long... it was locking everything up. Now I use a timer-hook in the WM_COPYDATA handler to trigger a response so it never hangs. Also i take focus and make sure my alert message goes to the top-window. B) Fixed a message bug when clicking an empty blend-preset. Incidentally, my packager is the freeware version... they locked out the ability to unpack files into subdirectories. That's why all the smiley .jpg files are crammed into the main install directory. Another fun thing... they won't let the uninstaller be configured for the freeware version. So click Help->Uninstall... it will clean out my Windows registry vars and deletes all files except Colorize.exe (which is running). You need to manually delete this file and the shortcut links. Very easy to do. Right-Click and choose "delete" (doh).

§ January 21, 2006 – 2.15 – A) Completely re-worked the Smiley-Insert. Image files are now imported dynamically. This allows new Smileys to be added without installing a new version of YahCoLoRiZe. Also i created my own image-files for some Smileys. B) Added an option to uninstall all files (except the Colorize.exe file which can't be deleted while it is running). See Help->Uninstall.

§ January 19, 2006 – 2.14 – Added buttons to the Wing-Editor to launch the Windows character-map or the font-editor. Fixed a problem in saving/loading the "wing-enabled" flags to/from the registry. Did French/Spanish menu translations for the new wing-editor.

§ January 18, 2006 – 2.13 – Added Quit and Save to Wing-editor... fixed a problem with it closing the Form on ENTER. Enter now working for the local wing-editor.

§ January 18, 2006 – 2.12 – Added a new Wing-Editor... you can add as many wing-pairs as you want now. Also you can Export/Import wings to a text-file. You can design and color a wing with the main design-system, then import from the main window into an existing wing -- or add it as a new wing. There is a local wing edit box that appears on a double-click. In this box you can add colors and bold, underline, etc., then hit the Spacebar to exit the local wing-editor.

§ January 15, 2006 – 2.11 – :-)

§ January 15, 2006 – 2.10 – A) Added ability to import a Wing directly from the main design-window.  So now you turn off Wings, turn on Auto-LineSize, turn on left-justify... process your wingding... then add colors/effects (in the WYSIWYG view)... then click Tools->Edit Wingdings... click the menu-item Insert->Import From Main Design Window.  The new wing will be inserted into the wing-box that has focus.

§ B) Hitting Spacebar while in PAUSED-PLAYBACK now will send the next line into the chat, line-by-line each time you press SPACE.  But you have to have the main design-window in-focus.

§ C) Added <p></p> HTML paragraph tags when you export as HTML to the clipboard.

§ D) Also added Play to the pop-up window... added the <f> tag for "font" in the Edit Wingdings View->Codes... added checkmarks to the menu-item that has the selected view.  

§ January 14, 2006 – 2.09 – Added a check-box to copy HTML version to the clipboard without the head and body tags... easy then to paste it into the Source-Editor that is built-in to Outlook Express... so now we can easily add YahCoLoRiZed documents to existing web-pages and even E-Mail!!!

§ January 6, 2006 – 2.08 – A) Bug in right margin color if Wingdings were turned off.  B) Added my real name to the License, Help and About.  C) Added the new font-effect "Random" and made the other font-effects less drastic.

§ January 3, 2006 – 2.07 – Added a checkbox to allow choice of a background color or a demo-image from my web-site for the HTML page you create with my Web-Page Export feature.

§ January 3, 2006 – 2.06 – Fixed a problem that was related to the OnChange in the "WingDings" edit-box.  Added an HTML converter of my own.

§ December 29, 2005 – 2.05 – OK i am trying to get all the subtle background colors to work with Microsoft Word and its impossible.  I have done some more work with the Options Tab item that limits the size of an RTF color-table... ostensibly that was to allow MS Word to read my RTF documents.  So that is working well now, you can limit the color-table size to a one-byte index with this option.  But it doesn't help with MS Word.  It appears that MS Word converts all "highlight" colors to a small set of system-defined colors.  Not good.  It isn't the table-size, but a worse problem...  So my only choice if i want to get my colors out on the Web is to write my own RTF-to-HTML converter.  The existing converter in Windows you can access with "Save As" does not include ANY background colors.  The tag "cf" in RTF works, but for some reason the "cb" tag does NOT work as expected; "highlight" works for my purposes.

So here is the deal, I QUIT giving this away for free -- that was fine up to now... so take this version and go with it.  And probably, i will keep fixing obvious bugs, but i have bigger plans and ideas now.  So this is essentially all i plan.  Yahoo chat SUCKS anyway.

Oh... i added the feature that you can right-click in the lower-right-corner "line-status" display and it will show you the size of the color-table and it will turn red if the table hit a limit and colors are being resolved by my color-resolution algorithm. BubbbYYYeeEE!

§ December 27, 2005 – 2.04 – Fixed a problem with the registry-key auto-delete when you install a new revision... the prompt "Save old settings?" if you answered NO was not able to delete the old settings.  There was also a spurious message "Blend colors were changed without saving..." that came up on an install of a new revision. Fixed (i hope...).  I added some blender-colors to this web-site you can download and then import into YahCoLoRiZe.

§ December 25, 2005 – 2.03 – Microsoft Word cannot handle huge RTF color-tables.  It is nice to export RTF for use in MS Word and for conversion to HTML via MS Word.  So I added a new tab and a checkbox for MS Word color-compatibility.  YahCoLoRiZe will approximate the actual colors in this mode, so only use it when you intend to export a file as RTF.

§ December 22, 2005 – 2.02 – Further investigation revealed the cause of the mysterious “vanishing text” to be the cause of the Rich Edit control’s “OnChange” event-handler. So I eliminated that handler J.

§ December 21, 2005 – 2.01 – Found a long-standing problem that would cause processing of loaded text-files to “blank out” for all loads subsequent to the first… very annoying, but finally fixed.

§ December 21, 2005 – 2.00 – 1.99 was very stable. I fixed only very minor things, specifically: A) Label for foreground-color showed “AB” instead of “HB” (for horizontal-blender. B) French language version had a few items that were still in English. C) On a clean-install, the initial blender-preset index was wrong causing the program to prompt you to “save preset colors” when you closed the application. D) I added a Line Number status display in the lower right-hand corner (useful if you are trying to process to a specific number of lines for printing).

§ December 4, 2005 – 1.99 – A) Fixed some problems in adding effects in WYSIWYG mode… selecting a full line with wings/borders off and left-justified caused the effect to be added but other effects to be turned off. B) If background color was non-white and we were left-justified, the proper padding of spaces out to the end-of-line was not occurring. C) Blank lines now add a space for YahELite instead of the full font-init string. D) Spurious char was being added to playback for YahELite… caused by lack of a NULL and a buffer one char too small.

§ December 2, 2005 – 1.98 – Fixed some RTF-edit-mode effects bugs… namely A) extra blank lines were being added for a WYSIWYG edit of bold, underline italics text, B) if a selection spanned more than one line, the underline, bold, italics effects were completely messed up. FIXED.

§ December 1, 2005 – 1.97 – A) Updated Smiley-list. B) Fixed bugs in RTF rendering… a spurious NULL char at end and also the PAR vs. PARD and line-ends were not formatted correctly. C) Fixed the BLENDER (Again!!!) – long-standing problem finally fixed – the button index after initialization of the Blend-Engine was one button behind. D) Algorithms for handling/generating the internal RTF palette have been completely re-worked. The Resolve-to-Palette checkbox is gone… instead, the program will attempt to generate a COMPLETE RGB palette up to a limit… then switch to a programmatically-generated palette and “resolve” to the nearest available color. NO resolving is performed anywhere now EXCEPT for the RTF view, and only then if the true palette is too big. E) The “Blend Before Process” check-box is gone. It was replaced by the new button “Horiz. Blend” in the main-panel color-chooser for both Foreground and Background colors. F) The program NOW SUPPORTS BACKGROUND-COLOR BLENDING with a high resolution!!!! (not useful for chat-rooms, but I have BIGGER PLANS :-D :-D :-D :-D)

§ November 28, 2005 – 1.96 – A) Fixed bug in adding Effects that cut off last character of selected text. B) If line is blank in sending to IRC, we now print a “.” Character – IRC hates blank-lines. C) Minimize button is back.

§ November 27, 2005 – 1.95 – A) When you use the mouse-wheel to dim/brighten, YahCoLoRiZe rotates the color up to white or down to black, then restores the original color (wraps around) – if you reverse direction, the original is restored as a starting-point.

§ November 27, 2005 – 1.94 – A) Progress meter added for playback. B) New functionality for mouse in the blend-tab:

1. Click left selects a color-panel

2. Double-click left brings up the color-selection dialog

3. Click-right toggles the panel ON/OFF

4. Mouse-wheel brightens or dims the color

5. Mouse-wheel click restores the original brightness

§ November 26, 2005 – 1.93 – A) Modified to allow YahCoLoRiZe to send text to mIRC and PIRCH directly, without loading the DLL. The DLL will ONLY LOAD is XiRCON has been installed and is only need for use with XiRCON!. B) If you select “Left-Justify”, and choose a background color other than WHITE, the line will be padded out with colored spaces now..

§ November 24, 2005 – 1.92 – A) I screwed up and forgot to remove a diagnostic message for YahELite-playback… huge PAIN.

§ November 24, 2005 – 1.91 – A) If the file Xtcl.dll was not in the install-directory, Colorize.dll was not loading. Changed Colorize.dll to look for this DLL in either the install directory or in the \Program Files\XiRCON directory. Colorize.dll is used to send text to IRC chat-clients. B) Text-demo was screwed up. Fixed. C) The installer was not putting shortcut icons in the “Common” directories for a multiple-user PC. Fixed.

§ November 23, 2005 – 1.90 – Many changes, much WORK K

§ A) Added new “Clients” tab to select the chat-client to send text to. YahCoLoRiZe now works with PIRCH!!!!!! B) Lots of changes to allow you to switch between chat-clients on-the-fly without any problems.

§ November 22, 2005 – 1.89 – Many changes, much WORK K

§ A) Fixed a buffer-problem that was causing crashes. B) IRC mode had stopped working, but that’s fixed. C) You can now turn on vertical-blending for both foreground/background and YahCoLoRiZe will automatically invert the blend directions, if the same blend-presets are chosen. Also, the program will auto-avoid a “wash-out” of blend-colors meeting in the middle and fading the text to invisible. D) New software automatically strips redundant color-codes so that you can send more text to the room per line. E) Found a long-standing problem in the way RTF rendering is done… so I eliminated most use of “CTRL_O” as a line-terminator. Lots of work was involved with this because fixing it made a lot of other code break. E) WYSIWYG editing and effects-processing are vastly improved. Bold, Italics, Underline now work. LIMIT WYSIWYG EDITING TO ONE LINE AT A TIME. ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT ONLY THE TEXT BETWEEN THE BORDERS/WINGS. SELECT TEXT INSIDE FIRST, AND LAYER-IT OUTWARD. For Example: *@ ~~~~~*~~~~~ (This (This (This First) Second) Third) ~~~~~*~~~~~@*

§ November 18, 2005 – 1.87 – Lots of INTERNAL restructuring!!!! A) Added ability to do background-color-blending (you can’t see it on Yahoo Chat L TELL YAHOO!!!). B) Added software to purge-out redundant color-codes. C) In main text-processor I fixed a lot of detailed and tricky things. D) Re-did completely how memory-stream objects are created and destroyed. This change “should” fix a memory-leak/crash problem. E) Got rid of </Font> tag for Yahoo and BGCOLOR element. (less codes means more chat-text can be sent per line). F) You can now type in text, highlight some of it, add an Effect (the View switches to WYSIWYG) – now in WYSIWYG View you can highlight text (post-rendering) and Add More Effects! (had added this before but NOW it works!). G) Other changes I can’t recall. K (Hard Work Here!!! – Where’s the $$$$ L)

§ November 13, 2005 – 1.86 – A) Fixed the “blend-by” features “word” “sentence” etc… and added blend-by Line. B) The line-breaks between paragraphs were being stripped-out… Fixed. C) Fixed status-message during processing and other small details.

§ November 11, 2005 – 1.85 – Fixed bugs in the Color-Blender, also found a memory-violation problem in the blender for odd numbers of characters. Added French-Language-Translations for the Pop-Up menu. Also, if Vertical-Blending is in effect, I now disregard the RGB-Threshold value. Fixed problem in the blender for small numbers of characters.

§ November 10, 2005 – 1.84 – Version in the French language released! (Version préliminaire de YahCoLoRiZe 1.84 en français.)

§ November 9, 2005 – 1.83 – Fixed: A) Strip-codes was not working in the WYSIWYG view. B) Bug in the computation of the Mapped Selection End-Index in the WYSIWYG when adding an Effect to a selected-region across multiple lines of text. C) Playback in IRC-mode when in the WYSIWYG view was not working. D) Bug on setting the colors on startup was locking out ability to select “Vertical Blend”. E) Other refinements.

§ A) Extraneous Foreground-color-code was being added that messed up the first-line of a Vertical-Blend, but you could not see it if Blend-Before-Process was enabled. I now skip the Blend-Before Process IF Vertical blend is On.

§ November 8, 2005 – 1.82 – Added ability to select text in the WYSIWYG view and play just the selected lines into the room. In this view, the text has already been rendered for Yahoo, Yahoo codes are nothing like the RTF or IRC codes, so a lot of mapping has to be performed to play the right # of lines from the right location. Cool stuff J. Also, in the Play->Options, you can now set the burst interval. 50ms is the minimum now. May lower that if people complain.

§ November 7, 2005 – 1.81 – Sorry – 1.80 will freeze when you press PLAY. My fault… fixed J

§ November 7, 2005 – 1.80 – Found a bug in the color-blender that was causing un-even blends over the text-range. Internally, I converted all of the messages and menus into one file… beginning to translate a version in French.

§ November 3, 2005 – 1.79 – Busy day, I am quite worn out. Found a weird problem in the pre-loaded wingdings… one obscure character I found causes problems in computing the accurate index of selected-text in a rich-edit control. So I took it out! Down-side is that this version will force a reset of all your YahCoLoRiZe settings. I hope to keep this version stable for a few weeks and post only to the Beta for awhile.

§ November 3, 2005 – 1.78 – Tricky challenge… Foreground color was not being restored if the first Effect text selected in a WYSIWYG view followed the left-wingding. Reason was that the code that adds effects strips out pre-existing color-codes and does a PUSH/POP – it was pushing the wing-ding’s color rather than the user’s color. So now I analyze the selected effect-text and save the first FG or BG color-code that happened before the first printable-char, but only if the codes are equal to the Main-Process-Tab’s FG or BG colors. I then restore the appropriate color AFTER the POP-code is inserted… The text is then re-rendered – and will strip the Push-Pops and re-display the new text in a WYSIWYG view… So You Thought This Was Easy? J

§ November 3, 2005 – 1.77 – Found bugs in the way in which several color-effects were being processed, and also a bug in the main color-processing-engine. Starting to look smooth again… J

§ November 2, 2005 – 1.76 – New message prompts if you need to re-type the “/extend” command into YahELite.

§ November 2, 2005 – 1.75 – Bad Bug was causing a crash… related to the new RGB-code re-structuring… if your old version had the buggy-colors saved… this version will repair them.

§ November 1, 2005 – 1.74 – More problems fixed… the software is getting beyond the point where I can maintain it properly. Too complex.

§ October 31, 2005 – 1.73 – Fixed a bug in “clipboard-pasting”. Huge changes internally to allow RGB colors to be set for the Foreground/Background/Wing-Color. Previously, you had to pick one of 16 colors from the Palette… now there is a new select button… “RGB”. Also – YahCoLoRiZe now adapts the color-mode based on whether you are using Yahoo-chat or IRC-chat. (IRC-Chat now defaults the palette to use “mIRC-Colors”, even if you have changed the palette.). Added a new feature to let you see the RGB hex-codes of the main color-panels when you right –click them. If no text is in the main edit-window, the RGB string is printed into the window so you can copy it. This is nice if you get a random-set of cool colors that you happen to like and want to add them to your Blender-Settings.

§ October 30, 2005 – 1.72 – Click Right on www.YahCoLoRiZe.com to “Lock” the colors you see, resize YahCoLoRiZe to see new random color-sets of foreground/background – click right to lock in new colors… click the FG/BG boxes to turn off color “Lock” mode.

§ October 29, 2005 – 1.71 – Vastly improved effects-addition in the WYSIWYG view. Nested blending now works… font-characteristics such as bold, underline are automatically added and integrated with “blend” when you press “Process” – then you can add new effects by selecting text… old color-codes in the newly-selected area are replaced now to eliminate redundant codes. The Process button is turned off after a process… but effects can still be added. Process button is turned back on after changing the View or after a Clear. Selecting View->Original after adding an effect in the WYSIWYG view now works, was broken. – Am I poor or what?

§ October 25, 2005 – 1.70 – A) Converted text-processing threads to ordinary classes. Threads are not really needed here, and developing security-descriptors would have been a huge pain. The threads were vulnerable to hackers. B) If “blend-before-process” is checked and the user adds an effect via WYSIWYG, I now suspend blending temporarily, while the effect is merged into the text. C) Eliminated all code for the “Boxes-In-Boxes” feature… I have no plans to add this feature… too much effort for something few would ever have used. AT THIS TIME I PLAN TO SUSPEND WORK ON THIS PROJECT UNLESS SOME DREADFUL DEFECT IS FOUND. Cheers!

§ October 22, 2005 – 1.69 – Fixing the previous problem broke the mechanism that prevents partial words at the end of a line… fixed.

§ October 22, 2005 – 1.68 – Fixed remaining bug in WYSIWYG effects editing.

§ October 20, 2005 – 1.67 – Fixed bugs with border/wing enable. Improved WYSIWYG effects-editing… still one bug. WEIRD THING going on with versions… 1.66 was erased from my log and apparently from my backups.

§ October 19, 2005 – 1.65 – Added ability to select text within the WYSIWYG view and apply new effects. This is a huge improvement… prior to this the RTF view showed the processed-text but you could not select areas and add new effects. Nest effects from the inside-outward.

§ October 8, 2005 – 1.64 – Added support for opening processed files using any format supported by the “converters” on your computer when you do “File->Open” and pick a file-type. This code is derived from Robert Dunn’s original code sample. Also, my code now opens the registry to access the converter-list on your computer via “read only” mode to permit restricted users full access to the conversion features.

§ October 7, 2005 – 1.63 – Added support for saving processed files directly into any format supported by the “converters” on your computer when you do “Save As” and pick a file-type. (You still need to type in a proper file name/extension like “NewFile.htm”). This code is derived from Robert Dunn’s original code sample. It took me three days to mod it to work with YahCoLoRiZe.

§ October 4, 2005 – 1.62 – BACK to IRC! When you switched to mIRC with “Use Random RGB” options on, you got my custom RGB codes mixed into the processed data. Now we turn off the blender and all the custom RGB codes for IRC clients. Also, I cut out the font-change info for IRC.

§ October 3, 2005 – 1.61 – BACK to IRC! Added checkbox to Play->Options dialog to allow DDE posts to mIRC via either the /msg command OR indirectly via the /play command using a temp file. Problem with mIRC is that it strips out spaces, and makes it hard to post text with borders turned on… the borders come out uneven. This is not a problem with the XiRCON IRC client. TCL script for XiRCON is new as is my custom DLL “Colorize.dll” – so re-copy these files to the XiRCON install directory.

§ October 2, 2005 – 1.60 – BACK to IRC! Use the DLL for both mIRC and XiRCON. Pause/Resume work now for mIRC (only with the Use DLL box checked) and the front-panel colored play-control buttons work for mIRC and XiRCON now.

§ September 27, 2005 – 1.59 – BACK to IRC! Made some changes to the Play->Options dialog. Posted some new files including a zip of an old version of mIRC (4.7) I like a lot. Checked it out with the new YahCoLoRiZe using my DLL and it seemed to be working great.

§ September 27, 2005 – 1.58 – BACK to IRC! Been a long time… I borked a lot of IRC stuff getting YahCoLoRiZe to work with yahoo. But I love my old XiRCON IRC client and needed to fix a lot of things to get it to work on Win XP. The install for XiRCON requires some “other than NEWBIE” experience… but my main page has instructions on how to set it up. So if you like IRC and ur a chat expert to the Nth-degree… go for it!

§ Want the gruesome details? Win XP won’t let one application run a DLL located in another application’s installation directory… Win 2K DID! (security fixes). So you essentially should copy the YahCoLoRiZe files (after install) into your XiRCON install-directory and then re-do the shortcuts to YahCoLoRiZe… if you understand me – you will be able to make it all work. – if not, send me mail (or… send Women JJJ).

§ Also, I’ve had to “invent” a lot of custom codes for RGB for Yahoo that I tried to E-mail IRC ppl about but got no input… so I just did it myself… so you need to turn OFF “Blend Before Process” (Format Tab) for IRC use. Also, you can’t use the blender (No No NO!).

§ Another Tip – I have a cool proggie that imports mIRC’s server-list into XiRCON’s space in Windows’ Registry. Saves a lot of time as XiRCON comes with NO server-list installed. I posted it on this site. J

§ September 21, 2005 – 1.57 – We now suspend the addition of one effect over another… if the new effect “encompasses” the old. Problem was, for instance, applying say Increment FG/BG to a section of text, then doing a Process with the Blend Before Process feature on would cause double color-codes to be added. Fixed.

§ September 19, 2005 – 1.56 – Blend was not working properly for short blocks of text.

§ September 16, 2005 – 1.55 – Found Illusive BLEND-BUG! I was feeding the blend-engine the “real” index of the text-buffer (including embedded codes) rather than the “actual” index of the text without the codes. That is why a blend following a font-effect looked bad.

§ September 16, 2005 – 1.54 – Small change: Foreground color was confusing if “Blend Before Process” was enabled. Now it grays-out and displays a new Hint if “blend Before Process” is on.

§ September 14, 2005 – 1.53 – Made some functions “private” to improve security. Also went back to an old backup of libraries and TaeRichEdit.

§ September 05, 2005 – 1.52 – Font Effects were still not the way I had intended. Try this.

§ August 30, 2005 – 1.51 – Some refinements in the new font-effects.

§ August 29, 2005 – 1.50 – Added Effect: Huge Mountain. Reduced the font-change resolution to avoid spewing as many characters and hitting the text-size limit of 500.

§ August 28, 2005 – 1.49 – Added two new Effects: Font Rise and Font Fall.

§ August 28, 2005 – 1.48 – Added two new Effects: Font Mountain and Font Valley.

§ August 26, 2005 – 1.47 – Fixed some bugs that were introduced when adding embedded font-size changes. Was causing an un-even right border.

§ August 25, 2005 – BETA 1.46 – Added Embedded Font-Size changes via the Effects Menu. (a lot of work, major changes). Also uncovered some nasty exception-throwers (like a divide-by-zero, YIKES!) and fixed them. Changed the font warnings so they stop popping up if you turn off Borders. Changed the “efficient” encoding of IRC-level color-codes -- single-digit codes were causing ambiguities in the color-code parsers.

§ August 22, 2005 – Release 1.45 – Added ability to Export current color-blend as a plain-text file… you could only import before this…

§ August 19, 2005 – Release 1.44 – Annoying dialog problem with some effects fixed.

§ August 13, 2005 – Release 1.43 – Tired of annoying “Extension data too long” message from YahELite. Added a slider-control to set the max data-length… added a “pre-analysis” stage to check for a line that exceeds the maximum and reports the line # when you try to play the text. No More Partial text!!!!

§ August 13, 2005 – Release 1.42 – Added new feature to import colors from a plain-text file… so you can design a blend with a tool such as “RGBlab” and paste the hex-colors into a file using notepad. Format is: rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb rrggbb (where rr, gg and bb are “red” “green” and “blue” hex values 00-FF). If fewer than 10 values are specified, the rest of the preset color-panels are turned off. Store the newly imported colors to a preset by right-clicking on the preset you want to save them to. New button is in the Blend tab at the far-right.

§ July 30, 2005 – Release 1.41 – A) Pesky “smiley-code-detection” at forced line-breaks is fixed (yet again!) (kind of tricky…)

§ July 29, 2005 – Release 1.40 – Still some problem lurking… but the new diagnostic messages are working. Tried a few more tweaks to avoid stepping upon memory-objects that may already have been created.

§ July 27, 2005 – Release 1.39 –A) Hopefully fixed problem with “end-of-line” smiley. B) Added *QQ*.

§ July 27, 2005 – Release 1.38 – Some kind of horrendous memory problem exists… so i added more error-handling – may have fixed it… may not have K

§ July 26, 2005 – Release 1.37 – A) fix/change pop-up menu (right-click in main window). B) Blend-button did not return focus to main window. C) Clicking Process tab did not return focus to main window. D) Strip-codes was not stripping Push/Pop regions. E) Change name “Preset Blend” to “Vertical Blend” in the small color dialog.

§ July 25, 2005 – Release 1.36 – A few tweaks… new hints, increased thread-priority, Cancel-button while processing now at least shows up… not sure if it works.

§ July 21, 2005 – Release 1.35 – a) Changed the annoying “paste” command… it only worked if YahCoLoRiZe was running before you copied from the source program – OK now.

§ July 20, 2005 – Release 1.34 – a) Added cool feature to Export/Import blender’s colors to a file – now you can back them up and trade them with friends! b) fixed a “painting” bug in the blend-tab controls that caused a spurious black X to appear if the first blend-color was Xed out (disabled).

§ July 19, 2005 – Release 1.33 – a) Fixed the dilemma of “nested” effects with blending is applied on top of other effects AND bold/italic fonts (Whew! Sweat!). Solution was to maintain a count of the number of “pushes” in effect and to suspend the “new” effect until all the scopes of effects added previously have elapsed… (very scary stuff)

§ July 18, 2005 – Release 1.32 – a) Pack Lines in the Format tab had stopped working – Fixed. b) blending over a previous effect had worked but stopped working… figured out what it was – Fixed.

§ July 18, 2005 – Release 1.31 – a) changed default blend-colors and default background color. b) play-timer stuck in a faster-time after /ex playback. c) added a new setting to the “Set Play” dialog to allow “bursts” of chat-lines to be sent. d) added “Blend Before Process” check-box to Format tab… allows Auto-Blending when the process button is clicked or when text is sent from YahELite via the /EX command. e) added some internal code to process windows messages that were causing occasional lockups between thread-execution.

§ July 17, 2005 – Release 1.30 – “Play on CR” checkbox must be checked to allow auto text-processing and playback by simply hitting Return. It has another function. Checking “Play on CR” also allows you to send and process text from the YahELite edit-box by using the /EX command. “/ex send this text”. This was NOT working – it was sending text from the IRC-View instead of the Yahoo View. FIXED.

§ July 16, 2005 – Release 1.29 – What You See Is What You Get (RTF View) was not showing embedded colors when text was enclosed in italics. Fixed.

§ July 14, 2005 – Release 1.28 – no changes, re-build.

§ July 13, 2005 – Release 1.27 – a) minor change… blend was being locked-out if the user had selected a font-style of Bold, Italics, etc. Fixed. 1.26 was looking good – so this should be an excellent version. Most confident I’ve been in a while. One possible problem left: still don’t really know what was causing the “Error in DoProcess” error message – it seems to have “gone away” – which may mean some kind of thread race-condition still is in the code L.

§ July 10, 2005 – Release 1.26 – a) Paragraph blending effect is working, but it only works when you hit the blend-button to blend the entire file or a selected portion of the file. The “vertical-blender” selected from the FG-color-dialog still will blind from the top-to-bottom blending individual line-colors. The “paragraph” “word” “sentence” radio-buttons don’t affect the vertical-blender. b) fixed an annoying bug that caused the View->Original text to go away if you chose an enhanced style option in the Font dialog box. (now I know why I had commented that feature out! [see below] – but its working great now J ).

§ July 10, 2005 – Release 1.25 – a) Fixed FindNextParagraph() and took out all the unnecessary patches that were permitting it to work before. Still have not hooked up the Paragraph-blend feature but it should not pose a problem now.

§ July 9, 2005 – Release 1.24 – a) got the blender “word” “sentence” settings working. “Paragraph” blender setting still won’t work – tracked it to a goofy FindNextParagraph() routine… re-wrote that, and it broke the main-processing software in Unit5, including the “vertical-blender”. Will need to wait for a new day L

§ July 8, 2005 – Release 1.23 – a) added some diagnostic code to try and find the “Error in DoProcess” bug. b) locked out the Box-tool (feature for boxes is not working yet). C) Added back the code that lets bold, italics, etc. be set from the font dialog-box (don’t know why I had it commented out).

§ July 7, 2005 – Release 1.22 – a) May have fixed a bug that was causing the “Error in DoProcess()” message to appear. B) Made warning message logic added yesterday a bit more intelligent.

§ July 6, 2005 – Release 1.21 – a) Tab was defaulting to Effects instead of Process. B) Changed Yahoo default buffer size to 1000 instead of 500. c) Changed default help-file. D) Put in warning if user tries to play pre-processed text into room prior to pressing “Process”. (garbage would get played, but someone may still have a reason for wanting to send the unprocessed text…)

§ June 28, 2005 – Release 1.20 – When you unchecked “Wingdings”, the side borders were being inadvertently turned off as well… fixed.

§ June 19, 2005 – Release 1.19 – a) fixed processing bug that incorrectly inserted a foreground color instead of a background color when the POP operation was carried out. B) re-compiled to use i486 instructions only (for older computers).

§ May 20, 2005 – Release 1.18 – a) Eliminated design-time Form creation reducing memory used from 5,380K to 4,804K. b) Fixed logic that controls enabling/disabling Borders & Wings. c) Change play/stop button color. d) Stop/Pause buttons were not disabling and playback was not being properly stopped on end-of-text-play. E) Disabling all wings in Edit Wingdings was causing a spurious message to pop-up.

§ May 18, 2005 – Release 1.17 – a) Fixed bug that caused problems when digits were embedded in the text to be processed. B) Replaced the Play/Stop/Pause buttons with glyph-buttons and created bitmap images for them… problem was that the old buttons only worked properly for Win XP.

§ May 13, 2005 – Release 1.16 – Fixed bug: Push/Pop memory was not being initialized for each “process” operation… result was that the first time you processed text, it worked fine – subsequent text-processing was unpredictable. Fixed.

§ May 12, 2005 – Re-release 1.15 (new build, same revision)

§ May 10, 2005 – Release 1.15 – Added selectable YahELite buffer-size in the Play->Set Play form. Yahoo/YahELite will hopefully permit lager text blocks as time progresses. Added min/max color intensities for the RGB random-colors. Fixed problem with a message popping up when you start the program with “Resolve to Palette” unchecked.

§ May 9, 2005 – Release 1.14 – 1) Fixed a bug in the blender i could have sworn i’ve fixed before. It is now known as “the infamous 50% blend-bug.” Let us hope that it is gone for good! 2) The blender Right-to-Left, Center1, Center2 and Left-to-Right effects are operational now. 3) The buttons were backward for the user-prompt where you try to play text that is over 500 bytes. 4) The name was wrong when you reduced the program to the windows bottom-bar.

§ May 5, 2005 – Release 1.13 – 1) Increased width of the application window, 2) The color-dialog is now instantiated at run-time, 3) There was a problem with the Push/Pop color-states… complex, so hopefully it is fixed, 4) For preset-button colors the user-defined palette loads into the dialog and can be changed while adding preset-colors, 5) Modified the Text demo and default FG/BG colors, 6) New Icon was not included in the distribution-build.

§ May 4, 2005 – Release 1.12 – 1) Added front-panel buttons for Play/Stop/Pause. 2) If the text-length is too great to send to YahELite, YahCoLoRiZe will now warn you before remotely popping up the multi-line edit window in YahELite. 3) I added two new Blend-Preset defaults and darkened some of the colors in the old preset-default. 4) The message “Increased Linesize… (etc.) was popping up on the first run after install (fixed). 5) If the margin was set larger than the top-border segment (default’s length is 9) the Top/Bottom borders came out too short (fixed). 6) I changed the program Icon’s colors slightly.

§ May 1, 2005 – Release 1.11 – Many improvements: 1) Re-wrote parts of software that arbitrate Line-width and Margins. 2) Changed the Open and Save file dialog and the Font dialog from design-time to run-time instantiation (this program hogs memory and I will gradually improve that). 3) Improved/repaired font-handling and View-switches… The Font dialog can now display fixed-pitch fonts ALONE via a user-prompt message (these are the fonts that permit borders that line-up). 4) The demo-text needed to have the new Push/Pop control-codes added. 5) A new feature now allows you to choose bold/italics/etc. from the font-dialog and it will automatically be applied to the text when the Process button is pressed. Normally you would optionally select some text then do Effects->Format Codes->Bold, etc.

§ May 1, 2005 – Release 1.10 – Fixed: 1) was not remembering user-font-changes properly. 2) fonts in the RTF view were not being displayed at the correct height… had to add rich-text codes to set the font size in half-points for each new line. 3) fixed bug in Color Blender, RGB Threshold was not working properly. 4) ignore null-character in Effects processing. 5) Effects “Alt Underline FG” “and “Set BG/FG” were not working properly. 6) “Alt Underline Random” and other random-color effects now will use the expanded palette if the user chooses a Random FG color on the Process Tab and chooses “Use Full RGB Spectrum” prior to applying the effect.

I had some trouble selecting various fonts in the testing on-line of 1.09; however, it seems to work fine now… I think the difference is that I run with administrator privileges during development and as a restricted user when testing on-line.

§ April 29, 2005 – Release 1.09 – Four things fixed: 1) Line count used by vertical blender was using the original text’s line-count rather than the line-count after text-rendering (Process-button). So i added a “dummy” pass to first count the lines and then to do the processing/vertical-blending. 2) There was an error in one call to CountColorSequence() which caused spurious chars to appear. 3) The colors would fade to nothing on large text-blocks and the fade was unbalanced on even short blocks – i was using the “ceil” function to round up the RGB color-blend steps erroneously. 4) the BypassColorSequence() routine was not detecting my custom codes for “background colors” (i use a $ for background and # for foreground colors).

§ April 29, 2005 – Release 1.08 – Found two problems, one of them not acceptable. 1) Conversion of IRC format to Yahoo had a flaw that was causing spurious color-codes to be inserted. 2) Changing the Foreground color to “Blend” was not painting the button with the Blender preset button color.

§ April 29, 2005 – Release 1.07 – Bugs fixed – A lot of things were screwed up, now they aren’t, hopefully. Smoothed out the kinks in “vertical blending”. The Foreground color panel now takes on the attributes of the first enabled blend-button in the currently selected preset. I have gotten RGB colors working for Foreground, Background and Wing Color in a choice of modes for the random-color option. When you click “Random” you are asked if you want to use the entire RGB spectrum… If you say “NO” the random colors are chosen from the user-defined palette of 16 colors. If you answer YES, the random colors can be from 0-16777215. YahCoLoRiZe maintains an internal color palette of 216 automatically generated RGB colors for use in the Rich-Edit control (RTF-text). The checkbox “Resolve to Palette” in the “Blend” tab will force all randomly generated colors to one of 216 colors – so that the WYSIWYG view remains true. You CAN get raw RGB, un-mapped to the internal palette by un-checking this option.

I was having some trouble with corrupt chars in the Wingding editor last night on-line… but I believe I have fixed the problem. This release will force your settings to be written over… to ensure that any corrupt settings are replaced.

The software that resolves color-conflicts was broken in 1.06 – it should perform well now.

§ April 28, 2005 – Release 1.06 – Added ability to blend vertically, by line in addition to horizontally across the line. To use this, select a blender preset from the Blend tab (or use the default), make sure at least two blender-buttons are enabled (no X showing), in the Process tab click the FG color button and click the button that says Preset Blend. Now load a file of text (like poetry or rap-lyrics, etc.) from the File menu. Click the Process button in the Process tab… scroll down and you will see the text blended vertically!

§ Added PUSH/POP of text-attributes (bold, underline, italics and color) internally and made all of the Effects algorithms even smarter. To use this powerful feature of “Nested Effects” – begin adding your effects on the largest selection-block of text first, and work inward, adding other effects inside of smaller and smaller blocks.

§ The new RGB Threshold from the last release is working fine. I noticed that on a large file if I click “Blend” it works fast and there seems to be so few color-codes written that I was fooled into thinking it was not doing anything… but it was fine – click Process and scroll through the document… it works and will not flood the room with color-codes.

§ Click the Effects tab and uncheck “Borders” and “Wings” to further reduce the data-load on the room.

§ This program can do a lot and is complex, not for newbies. And it is not “perfect” still a lot to work on. I converted the Blender Engine into a C++ class today…

§ April 25, 2005 – Release 1.05 – Added “RGB Threshold” parameter to blender. This will prevent redundant color-codes or imperceptible color-changes from clogging up the chat (I think this is what YahELite’s blender is actually doing when the user clicks “chunky”, “funky”, etc.). Added prompts to save preset colors if the user forgets.

§ April 24, 2005 – Release 1.04 – Added an Undo function to the edit menu, useful for undoing effects you are experimenting with. Added hints to Format tab check-boxes. Bug with Yahoo-text-output fixed, it was sending the font-string and chat-text as two individual transmissions. Several Effects were sticking on past the text-selection.

§ April 23, 2005 - Release 1.03 -- Doing a blend or invoking "effects" with no text to process was throwing an exception. Playback was printing a back-tick char when sending text to YahELite via the Clipboard. Fixed the color-blender once and for all (or at least improved it a lot) -- the number of enabled color-buttons was not correctly being mapped to the text-blocks. The "dancing-finger" smiley had an error. An "extra" RGB code was being added during blends. The text-buffer for the effects-thread was not being processed correctly at the end-of-file. Fixed problem with blend and other effects where a leading new-line character prevented the blend from happening.  Fixed a problem with the code that detects and bypasses emotion-codes during a blend.  Added new emotion shortcut detection like ;). :), :p.  If user cancels the color-dialog on the blend menu, it no-longer will enable a disabled color-blend button.

§ April 22, 2005 - Release 1.02 -- Added bypass of emote-codes during blend.  Fixed color-blend -- was using the "actual" text length to compute the color-sections instead of the total text length.  Put in warning message when you un-check "resolve-to-palette".  Clicking "resolve to palette" was not returning focus to the preset-button.

§ April 21, 2005 - Release 1.01 -- Added a color blender.  Fixed a registry-access bug. Fixed blender preset-button painting.  YahELite's WM_COPY data buffer is set too small for complex colorized text, added a workaround that pops up YaHElite's "multi-line paste" window if the text size is too great on playback.

§ November 2, 2001 - 2.09 (old releases) -- HTML Help added, print services added... yeah, it's been a whole year...

§ December 21, 2001 - 1.00 (old releases) -- Fixed play/stop command, revision is now 4-digits (reset to

§ November 5, 2000 - 2.06 (old releases) -- broken OLE wasn't permitting pastes in main window.


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