Christianity Revealed

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Christianity Revealed, The Savior, discusses the gospel of Jesus Christ, Christianity and the Christian Bible. It covers both the Old Testament and New Testament covenants. We explore the meaning of the Jewish Passover as well as the Biblical story of Jonah. The concepts of Christian faith, sin, spiritual types, the deity of Christ, the nature of Trinity, salvation and the propitiation for sins by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, are discussed.  We explore the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross, that He descended into Hell to take our place there, and then was resurrected to become Lord over all the earth. The nature of trinity and Bible prophesy, the meaning of faith, water baptism and the concept of being "born again" are also covered.

Christianity Revealed, The Destroyer, discusses Biblical Christianity and the role of the devil, also called Satan, The Dragon, The Beast and Leviathan. Salvation through Jesus Christ, our high-priest and only bridge to God is the means of escape from judgment and Hell. The fallen angel, Lucifer, brings death and bondage, masquerading as an angel of light as he deceives and lies his way into power over the unsuspecting soul. Bible prophesy and the book of Revelation are discussed, as well as the supernatural, the occult and witchcraft. Antichrist may be coming!