Akai S900/S950 MIDI Sysex Implementation

S900/S950 MIDI Sysex Implementation

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  • General notes
  • Coding of DB DW DD
  • Signed and unsigned
  • ASCII characters
  • Undefined and reserved
  • Time out
  • RS232-C
  • Recognized by the S950
  • Exclusive Akai
  • System Exclusive Common
  • Transmitted by the S950
  • Exclusive Akai
  • System Exclusive Common
  • Detailed specification of S950 messages
  • Sample Dump Format
  • Sample Dump
  • System Common Messages
  • Handshakes
  • Request Sample Dump
  • Akai Exclusive Messages
  • Request Settings
  • Machine Code
  • Request for Machine Code
  • Execute Function
  • Name Catalog
  • Drum Settings
  • Overall Settings
  • Program
  • Sample Parameters
  • If you prefer, you can also download a postscript version (116K) of this document.