(by Discrete-Time Systems)

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Manual: Here Manual (.NET version): Here Blog: Here. (How do I turn OFF  annoying Sounds that interfere with my Music!? Click Here.)

Allows you to mix back-and-forth between two Players either manually or automatically.  Create a music-list for each player by holding the Ctrl key or Shift key down and selecting files.  Optionally turn on "Auto-Fade" then press the Play button on a Media-Player, files will auto-play and auto-fade between the two players.  You can add new music-files "on-the-fly" to either player's list.  Export all song-files together with their respective song-lists to a SwiftMiX DVD and then mix them live with SwiftMiX.

SwiftMiX C# 1.79 (10/31/2020):  SwiftMiX  <<Download
SwiftMiX C++ (stand-alone .exe version 2.10 09/13/2022):  SwiftMiX  <<Download
SwiftMiX 1.76 C++ (old ANSI version): Download

Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 Source Code

To Turn OFF Windows sounds that interfere with Music:

For Windows 10 click Here.

In Windows XP click Start->Control Panel.  Click "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices".  Click "Sounds and Audio Devices".  Click the "Sounds" tab.  Click the down-arrow to the right of the "Sound scheme" box.  Choose "No Sounds".  Click OK.